Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Something for the weekend

Cooked breakfasts are an excellent way to start the weekend. It involves Going Out, Eating Food, Not Washing Up and Spending Money. These all represent extra moments of happiness for Recaro and me even if the last one is a little irresponsible.

Last weekend our cooked breakfast was courtesy of The Goods Shed in Canterbury.
This place was once a derelict goods shed. No surprise there. What's interesting is that it was bought, restored and run by a single mother of two boys. She's since got married and had another son, but that's hardly put a dent in how great this place is. In case you are wondering - no, I don't know where she found the energy to create this business either. I'm just glad she did.

A farmer's market takes up most of the hall and a raised deck was put over the old railway tracks to provide a restaurant area. Everything on the menu is made using produce from the market - so in theory you can recreate your meal at home.

On our visit, we discovered that Peaches' godmother's friends were there in force. One was chefing - her breakfast was fantastic, of course, and another friend, Mad Anna, was waitressing. Much chatty fun was had by all.

Peaches charmed everyone. She'd brought her dogs out for a walk, which caused only an average amount of mayhem. We'd not been here for a while, which is just silly, because with a toddling, doggy-dragging little girl, it's an excellent tactic to go where the staff know your name.

All this practice at taking Peaches to restaurants is paying off. This was one of the best meals out yet. Recaro and I read the papers while she drank her pear juice. Then when our meals arrived, the three of us ate together. By the time we left, other people had only smiles and praise for the small one.

I write it all down, so that I can remember occasions like this when she's a stroppy teenager.


THE MOM BOMB said...

That place looks fantastic. And Peaches is too good to be true. Come one, admit it: you left out the part where she threw a full-on tantrum, or spilt her pear juice all over the table, or threw her dog at the diner at the next table.

MY KIDS would have done those things.

BTW, I have given you an extremely silly award at my blog. Come see!

gigi said...

She is such a beautiful child and when they behave that way it makes for a wonderful day! Congrats to you all.

scrappysue said...

she's just adorable! so glad you enjoyed your weekend eats

Reluctant Housewife said...

Yay! Looks like fun. We love going out for breakfast too.