Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We are all worth it

News that women in Malaysia are being advised to not wear lipstick or 'noisy' - that is high heeled - shoes so as to avoid rape is the kind of story that really makes me cross.

Where's the outrage that some men think it's okay and acceptable to bully, harass and demean women? By men - I mean the men that came up with the ridiculous assumption that wearing lipstick or high heels makes rape any more likely.

Perhaps there should be a campaign challenging men to think about whether their late night walks are really necessary. Or whether it's appropriate for them to approach women they don't know. Or whether a woman really did mean 'would you like a coffee?' instead of 'hey, let's have wild monkey sex because we've known each other for years/five minutes*'. After all, this could be construed as aggressive behaviour and they will put themselves at risk of being confused with every other rapist out there. *delete as applicable.

In the event anyone is incorrectly accused of harrassing or attacking women, they could be told, 'He was asking for it. He was behaving in an unusually aggressive and lewd manner. I've no idea what he thought he was doing walking about so late at night, but it certainly seemed suspicious.'

Of course, you might think I'm being overly harsh on all those decent men out there. There are a lot of them.

But don't you see? These stupid, stupid lipstick bans and assumptions that what women might wear mean that 'she was asking for it' demean every woman and girl. We mustn't blame the victims and we mustn't let abusers and potential abusers think that their actions are anyone else's responsibility but their own.

Grrr. Today I shall be wearing Diva by Mac and my shoes shall go clickety clack.


scrappysue said...

i give thanks every day my girls are being raised in the first world, although there are still plenty of third world opinions right on our doorstep!

TEOM said...

Grrrr. Makes. Me. Crazy.

gigi said...

You go girl! And way to go "telling it like it is!"
I'll be wearing my lipstick but I'll have on "Crocs" today.