Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Week 4 - who's still with me?

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I've returned from the first of this week's runs - chugging around the same old route. Only this time, I finally took the trouble to use my pedometer to measure the distance.

2.2km. I've now tested the route on www.mapmyrun.com - and it was actually 3.12km.

Hurray! I'd been hoping for a really nice surprise of something like 3km - and I got it. Now I only (only? huh?) have to do the route twice to have covered the distance of my sponsored run. This means I'm going to have step up the pace start visualising the route of my next, longer run.

The running has been the main focus of the SLFP for me so far. However, my tummy could really do with some attention and I don't feel as stretchy as I'd like. If I really did everything in the SLFP, I would be doing a range of activities that would help me strengthen and lengthen my muscles and improve my heart rate and lung capacity.

In the event that anyone else is struggling to find time for all the suggested, I'm going to LOWER the bar. Why? Well fitness starts in the head and there's no point in beating ourselves up with things we can't do or struggle to change. Better to start with little things, discover we like the changes and adapt our lives to incorporate more of it. Also, it's my plan and this is how lush I want it to be.

  1. Stand tall. Good posture and engaged core stomach muscles can help you appear to lose at least a couple of pounds. If you are in any doubt about good posture take a look at any pre-school child. See how relaxed and upright they are, evenly balanced on both feet (except when toddling, of course). I love how babies sit so straight. If you happen to be slouching at your 'puter right now - STRAIGHTEN UP. Now you look so much cuter.
  2. If you have done next to no exercise over the past week - do four sun salutations and/or ten sit ups and five tricep dips. As a one off bout of exercise, it will have no effect on your body whatsoever but will restart the time from which you last did some exercise. That's got to be good for your head.
  3. Drink more water, eat more fruit. I never did like deprivation diets - just try and pack in some more of the good stuff.

Thank you for your thoughts on working v SAH. Today I'm thinking that I'm going to slog it out some more on the work front and endeavour to get really focused at work so that I can properly enjoy my time with Peaches on my days off. Feel free to chip in with your thoughts on maternal guilt, work/life balance, ambition and having a life plan.


gigi said...

You can do it!
Keep up the good work!

Working mum said...

As I am sitting reading your blog whilst eating a finger of fudge I think I've missed the strangely lush fitness plan.

Well done on the running; even when I was ultra fit (BC) and going to the gym five times a week I couldn't manage the running thing.

scrappysue said...

i'm sitting here in my workout gear, but there's a kitty on my lap sleeping and he says i should keep drinking my tea and looking for budget accommodation in NY!

you should keep running tho, coz it sounds like ur doing a bang-up job!!!

is it true you're coming to NY too?

if so - YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! i rang amanda yesterday and she's going to book her tickets very shortly!!!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Looks like everyone's going to NYC... sigh.

I'm still with you... in spirit if not in body :). I've come down with a really bad cold... exhaustion struck (I'm not even blogging (!!!)).

Will get back to my life soon (I hope!).

Don Mills Diva said...

Good for you!

I am a big believer on good posture BTW - I swear my stomach is ((almost) flat because I have been standing straight and sucking in for so many years!

Sass E-mum said...

I am really hoping to make it to NY. We are waiting to see what bonuses are like before we book tickets. I'm also looking out for good value accommodation - we'll be bringing Peaches and I hear NY hotel rooms are SMALL. We want to be toddling distance from Central Park...