Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Week Seven: will it be bikini heaven or hell?

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Two weeks till my fantastic Greek holiday and I've still not selected the bikini. This is a mistake. Two years ago I left the choice of bikini until the airport. Did I say 'choice'? Ha. Those shops are just waiting for suckers like me to arrive in a panic and grab the nearest misfitting, grossly coloured 'kini left on the rail.

Clearly I need to ask for help. Where did you last buy one of those miracle bikinis that turned you into a windsurfing, rock Goddess? You know, one of those two piece confections that hid the cellulite, exposed womanly curves, beautifully supported your breasts and revealed a somehow flatter tighter tummy? If it could possibly give me glossy smooth hair too, that would be just dandy.
Pre-Peaches holiday mode. Mind you, bikini still didn't fit right.

On the other hand, can you direct me to any swimwear websites selling bikinis with proper cup sizes? So far I've found Lands End... but wanted something a little sassier.

At this point you may be wondering what's happening with the Strangely Lush Fitness Plan. It's on the final countdown. I'm still intending to;
  • run (just got back from my 25 minute lunchtime run. Yay.)

  • drink more water (am drinking some now. Double yay.)

  • keep doing evening yoga (huh?)

  • avoid Peaches' snacks (double huh?)

  • eat slower (am putting sarnie down between bites. Yay again.)

  • avoid using the car (much assisted by the credit crunch.)
Since doing the Race for Life, I'm feeling worthy, but a little less motivated. To keep me going to my holiday, perhaps you would also remind me what it feels like to be on a beach surrounded by nubile lasses who've not yet had a babe and have no idea (and don't care) what havoc pregnancy and breastfeeding can wreck on a 37 year old body.


jakelliesmom said...

I don't know. While I applaud your interest in bikini wearing, I've determined that a one piece allows me a bit more dignity. (Though I suppose if I felt I could pull it off, I'd still wear a bikini, albeit a modest one.)

scrappysue said...

i think you should spend more time thinking about what a fabulous FAMILY holiday you are going to have; how you have totally earned it, and less about those young nubile things, coz frankly - they aren't even on the same planet as us. you know - the BC planet lol

scrappysue said...

as for bikini buying. i waited til 2 weeks before our camping holiday this year and of course it didn't happen, so i went with my so old and pilled and shabby ones and just pretended i didn't look like 1993. when i went to hong kong in march i found myself in the swimwear section of a japanese department store with 90 minutes to kill, so bought THREE fabulous new tanks and bikini bottoms. only problem was the sales assistants insisting "NO, NO LADY, YOU LARGE!!!!" (well, compared to them, i was!!!)