Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Recaro did next

Damn. Recaro's given me another reason for paid-working.

Today was my London-day - so he gets to cook. Usually he cooks spaghetti bolognese because it's the traditional meal of choice for all British men.

Today he excelled himself. He got Peaches to the childminder, he worked at home on all sorts of housey stuff - including fixing my email which is obviously very important - collected Peaches who was very exhausted at the end of the day, bathed her and got her to bed - and then cooked up lamb shanks in a tomatoey-carrotty gravy. With Thanet new potatoes.

It was tasty.

I made dessert. To be frank, this was the very least I could do. I present to you.... Greek yoghurt and honey.

I had to tell you about it because, I did not cook it. I believe this will reassure this woman that I am not mental.

By the way, it's time I told you a dirty joke;

As I serve up the yoghurt and honey, it occurs to me to take a photo of it. Recaro says, 'Would you like a small spoon?' He always ask this. Small spoons make desserts last longer and sweeter.

'Yes please. But don't stick it in. I want to take a photo of it first.'


That's what passes for classy humour in these parts.


Cajunchic said...

Oh wow! Can he come to cajun country and teach hubby how to cook? I am lucky if he opens a can of soup.

scrappysue said...

he's a keeper for sure!

Madame Queen said...

Sounds about like the humor at my house!

Amanda said...

That Recaro is fabulous. When is he going to start his 'how to be the best husband ever' blog?

Missed you!!

womaninawindow said...

That dessert looks fabulous anyway! Forget the small spoon, I'm all for big'uns!

Trish said...

That is amazing. My husband would have made peanut butter sandwiches pancakes or cereal -- no sides.