Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do eggs make you dream?

It's not possible to please everyone all at once. This cheese, bacon and courgette quiche isn't something you'd catch CC making. Amanda, however, is interested to see it. I took a snap before it disappeared completely.
When I blind baked the crust, it collapsed a little at one point, so masses of egg leaked through the base of the loose-bottomed quiche case. In the oven, the leakage souffled up underneath the tin in an alien growth type of fashion. Didn't stop me enjoying this though.


I had a very odd dream last night. In my dream I went to New York. I wonder where that idea came from? I was trying to meet friends at a bar (again, why would anyone want to do that), but got lost.

In my dream, New Yorkers were very disapproving of anyone getting lost. It's on a grid system, so how could anyone get lost, they said. (In real life, I'm sure everyone is super friendly...)

Somehow I ended in a sort of pedestrian underground walkway heading towards the bar. But then a presidential cavalcade showed up in the walkway and I had step up on a ledge to stay out of its way. The cars stopped and the FBI started quizzing me about why I was there. But I got distracted from their questions by the sight of Dubya (never dreamt about him before. I had a lucid moment in the dream of thinking, 'What the... noooooo!').

Dubya was in a flying saucer. It was shaped like the bottom of an oyster shell and Dubya was sat on this vast round mattress covered in pale blue cushions with a woman and her child.

'That's amazing,' I sadi to Dubya.

In a burble of very excited Texan, he assured me that it was indeed amazing and wasn't this just the greatest method of transport. I hoped he was going to offer me a lift to the bar, but he's evidently not that kind of guy. Probably just as well considering his personal history and although I was impressed by the saucer, I was already planning how to ditch him and avoid having a drink with him.

He drifted off in his saucer, which from this new vantage point, I could see wasn't hovering but was actually on resting on little wheels. As he made his way up the tunnel, doors swung out of nowhere and closed.

My perspective shifted into movie mode, as all of a sudden me and some friends (appeared from who knows where) were back in subway station, trying to mark the spot where we had entered the ticket hall. The doors and tunnel had vanished from before our eyes. Naturally it was at this point we realised the FBI had somehow drugged as and we would soon forget everything we had seen...

And then I woke up.

If you are struck by any of symbolism of this dream, please tell me what issues you think I might be facing right now.


Amanda said...

I hope all this anxiety about New York means you are coming. I also hope that Dubya's new form of transportation is really him testing some form of new hybrid vehicle that runs on hot air and not gas.
I'm no Freud, but I'm guessing you are afraid of a loss of control?? And this friend would not abandon you and then show up right at the end after all the cool stuff has happened.

gigi said...

I'm not much on dreams either but your quiche looks amazingly good!

Nicol said...

Interesting dream! Every once in a while I have super odd ones and wonder what there were really about.

The quiche looks wonderful. This is the only way I will each quiche. I don't care for the one with spinach in it.

Elaine A. said...

Maybe you are like a lot of us Americans and wish that Dubya would get in a flying saucer and just LEAVE already! HA!

Since he was in it I would have to call it a nightmare. (can you tell I don't like the guy?)

Yummy quiche!

scrappysue said...

subconsicously your brain wants you to COME TO NEW YORK and you must obey it!!!

and meeting friends in a bar is quite normal - if that was the arrangement! i mean, it's not like sleepless in seattle, where we're all going to arrange to meet at the top of the empire state building or anything lol

i'm with elaine!!! isn't he gone YET???


oh, and my miss 16 has totally weird dreams like that all the time. if i had even one penny for every time she came out in the morning and said 'i had the weirdest dream last night...'

Trish said...

I agree with elaine e. It is a nightmare if Dubya is in it, but then again maybe if the saucer represents he's being abducted by aliens -- then that's kind of cool. Any way to get him out of office faster the better.


You just need a little escape. That is all. Right???? Don't all mothers. Oh, and the egg quiche???Yummy.

Madame Queen said...

Bwahahahaha! Okay, hmmmm...I'm thinking that your commute is getting to you and you're wishing for an easier mode of transportation -- one with a bed in it! I think I'm probably the only one, but I love hearing about people's dreams.

That quiche looks DIVINE.