Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It worked for us, but it's all changed now

I'm a big believer in reusable nappies - especially if there's not a great deal of land available locally for landfill, such as the south east of England. It would be a neat trick if the weather was also good enough to not make tumble drying a necessity in the winter.

After keeping Peaches in reusables for 21 months, we are now calling it a day. We hope to potty train the small girl in August and if that goes well, it won't have made sense to buy a new set of bigger nappies. I have to say I feel a great sense of release from the constant washing. The routine of it all was becoming a real grind.

The clincher came when Recaro declared he was finding it difficult to get them fastened on to Peaches, particularly when she was wriggling about. Meanwhile, I was turning out to be quite dextrous in getting them on, no matter what position she was in. Even if it meant letting her stand on washroom rubbish bins so she could play with the taps while I dealt with business down below. There's no doubt in my mind that I'm 'letting' Recaro make the decision - in other words I want a change of routine and his reason is going to serve as my excuse.

I feel a bit sad, because there was a lot of pleasure in having a stack of thick cosy nappies at the ready. Already I feel nostalgic for seeing Peaches' nappy filling out her trousers and holding out her skirts was undeniably cute. Now those days are over... and all of a sudden the clothes that were too small have a new lease of life. She seems slimmer and more grown up.

Mind you, I'm not fooled. Successful potty training is going to depend on her own interest in leaving nappies behind. I'm roping in the childminder early by telling her of our intention and asking her to do what she can to explain what potties and toilets are all about.

There are some positive signs, she tells me when she's done a dirty nappy, she can stay dry for over an hour and this afternoon she even tried getting up on the toilet at the right time. Not that she stayed there. Right now, I'm playing occasional poo-catching games just so that she knows I don't get freaked out at the sight of the stuff. She also gets to help me flush it away - and she thinks that's fun.

The real lessons start in August, so any book recommendations would be warmly welcomed - especially books for Peaches.


Nicol said...

There are a couple of books that talk about the potty designed for children. One is "Everyone Poops" (lovely name! he he) and the other "Once Upon a Potty". You couple probably check them out from a library or take a look at a book store before purchasing.

What I have found to be most helpful with potty training (with my job I have trained a couple dozen) is to be consistent and also talk about it a lot. Let her know that is where mommy and daddy make their pee-pee and poo-poo in the toilet.

Livy likes to watch the daycare kids goes and has been mimicking them for sometime. With the daycare kids, I take them in every two hours to go. Don't wait for her to tell you that she needs to go. Two year olds usually are not developmentally ready for that.

Hope that helped. You are in for a grand adventure. Hopefully it is short and she grasps the concept quickly!

Ann said...

"Everyone Poops" was much beloved by each of my three... and also calling their underwear (pull-up diapers, at first, actually) "big girl (or boy) underpants" really seemed to make them very proud.

And, of course, you'll need a willingness to get her to the potty NOW at a moment's notice. I became quite adept in restaurants and stores at asking people lined up for the toilet to let us jump ahead. Nearly everyone understands the urgency involved in potty-training. :-)

Good luck!

jakelliesmom said...

My Ellie has her own potty reading called "Big Girls Use the Potty." She trained herself around the time she gave up naps (just over two. Ugh!)

My son had a different book, but as a boy, the book didn't matter - we needed stickers, charts, and prizes (and also to wait until he was past 3).

MamaGeek said...

We're just reaching the potty training milestone and I'm already afraid. OY.

Cajunchic said...

I second Everyone Poops. Great Book. A good video is Bear In The Big Blue House's Potty Training Episode. Monkey watched that over and over when he was potty training. also print up a potty training chart and then give her stars when she goes to the potty. Once she gets a certain number of stars she gets an extra special treat.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What worked for us was never potty training anyone. They each just figured it out in his own good time. But we did have a copy of Everyone Poops.

Working mum said...

I used Gina Ford (I know, love her or hate her) "Potty Training in One Week". I liked her way of looking at it as getting the child to use the toilet, not running round after her with a potty. Daughter was trained to use toilet in two weeks (she was 27 months old).

I think I've told you my tip with the special knickers before - she had Fifi knickers as her first pair in the morning, but plain ones if the Fifi ones got wet. She was desperate to keep the Fifi ones on!

We waited about another year before training at night so that she could go a full night without having to negotiate her way to the toilet in the dark, and she only wet the bed five times in total. Not bad going I think!