Monday, July 14, 2008

It's all about committing to the childcare

I love a good holiday and that certainly was one. We had the laptop with us and I thought I'd blog while I was away... but life and priorities didn't turn out that way.

The thought of dealing with hotel internet connections just couldn't compete with lazing about in the sun.

Lazing about? Didn't I have Peaches with me? Well of course I did, but I'm a quick learner when it comes to holidays. It's very important to commit to the childcare options. Peaches was more than delighted to spend five days of the week - 10 till 1 and 3 till 6 - with her mates in the creche. They even had a party at the end of the week along with the older children from Kids Club. Somehow I've managed to capture a photo of them looking really serious about a game of musical chairs. They were having fun, honest.

A number of the children remembered Peaches from last year when she was just 9 months old. It's really sweet to see them being friendly with her. She simply beamed her way through the week and had a bit of an afternoon wail on the last Saturday - probably because she was a bit bored without the creche.

I did do some windsurfing too. That was supposed to be the main event for me... but what do you know, our instructor kept encouraging us to wait for the wind to pick up. What could I do apart from sunbathe? By the way, just because I sunbathe, don't think for a moment that a tan all that much. It must be something to do with using a minimum of factor 35 suncream, dammit.

In summary, we kept things cool with our shades.
We made sure to go to the big Club Vass barbecue at the end of the week. It would have been rude not to. Those guys slaved their butts off over those hot coals.
It's okay. You don't all need to thank me at once for sharing a photo of this family-friendly barbecue with you.

And we ate lots of ice cream. Though we soon learnt that Peaches had to have the same us or else she'd just plain steal ours from us.

Our triumph of the holiday was that Peaches went along with our holiday routine of taking her out with us in the evening. Sometimes she slept through dinner and sometimes she didn't. She was always awake for her visit to the bakery for baklava (honey cakes). In pre-Peaches days, the woman who runs the baker would be very grumpy with Recaro and me. Then I got pregnant and she started smiling at me. Now she knows Peaches, she lights up at the first sight of the small girl and gives her free biscuits on every visit.

Peaches also got given a dolphin-shaped helium balloon by some young Greek women. That freaked me out a bit. I think it freaked Recaro too. We smiled politely and he insisted - still smiling - that he take their photo with Peaches. Just in case they were baby-stealing witches... gah! we can go on holiday but always remember to pack our paranoia.

Here's a photo of them. I think they were really very kind and friendly, but I can't be entirely sure. Also, I felt like a bit of a dummy pushing the buggy around with the dolphin attached. I wanted to explain to everyone that 'I had not bought the balloon. I am not that kind of sucky, indulgent parent. I just feed my child ketchup and chips because it is a holiday and she's not eating much anyway in this crazy heat...' See. Totally paranoid.


gigi said...

Yea! Glad you had such a great trip and that Peaches was a real peach for all the comings and goings. It looked like such a beautiful beach. Lucky you :))

Amanda said...

That did look like quite the wonderful place to vacation. I must say I've only seen places like that on TV. That's hilarious that y'all took a picture and thwarted the baby stealing greek ladies. Also, it's so great that you could drop Peaches off and know that she would have just as great a time hanging out with all of those other kids. Sounds like a great trip all the way around. Except the butts. I feel sure there as to be a rule against naked cooking, right?

jakelliesmom said...

It looks lovely and amazing. I was expecting a photo of you in a bikini drinking something tropical, but the photo of your girl and the ice pop should be framed.

Trish said...

Childcare IS key. We are planning a vacation and we're paying for someone to come with us like our sitter. Just someone that will tend to the baby during nap times or dinner if she's being crabby. An eextra set of hands on the plane will be helpful too. Our two older kids are much older than the baby that it ruins their time if they have to be on her schedule and there is no sense in spending thousands of dollars on a vacation and not enjoy it.

Working mum said...

Looked like great fun. I need to leave my paranoia at home and venture abroad with daughter. You wouldn't believe that BC I travelled all over the world and AC I haven't left the country!

Don Mills Diva said...

Wow - looks like you had a blast!

Just wondering - those guys weren't grilling sausages were they?

Cajunchic said...

nice buts um I mean it looks like you had a blast. I love the pic of Peaches with the older boy looking at her. So adorable.

Sorry I have been so hit or miss with commenting lately. Things have been crazy with finishing up the school year and all the summer activities.

scrappysue said...

what? no bikini shots? just some totaly stranger's butt!?! and very nice butts they are too! looks and sounds like a fun holiday. god bless holiday creches!!!

Sass E-mum said...

I feel a bit bad that I didn't get any bikini shots taken. After all the song and dance I made about the SLFP. I'll have to see what I can dig up in the way of windsurfing shots to make up for it.

CC said...

Vacation with childcare!!!! That rocks!!!!!!

I'm super jealous. Looks fab!

Lulu said...