Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Blogher but not as you know it

It's all Working Mum's inspiration. She suggested that if I can't go to Blogher... perhaps I could bring Blogher to me. So here goes, this is my homage to all those women who got their act together, booked tickets, arranged babycare, bought new clothes, packed their suitcases and schlepped off to meet even more fabulous, funny, charming and bright women bloggers.

I'm looking forward to reading all about it. But in truth, I'm also interested in the upside - if everyone who does go would very kindly spend their time chatting, eating, drinking and chatting some more, that would be great. Then I could catch up on reading and commenting on their blogs, as well as writing something decent on my own.

Mind you, it's possible I would pass out with the excitement of meeting the Don Mills Divas, Her Bad Mothers and Bossies of the world. It's really hard to imagine this kind of event taking place in the UK - if something is already going on I'd like to know about it. After all, I wouldn't want to pass up a chance of meeting Working Mum and Dulwich Mum. Just this handful of blogs reminds me that I must sort my blogroll out. I'm finding it a bit daunting because everytime I look about, I find another blog to read and enjoy.

Now, since I will only be at Blogher in spirit (make that a double) here's the deal. Post a pic of yourself as you'd imagine yourself being at Blogher - if you could use Mr Linky below to let me know you've done it that would be great. And a name check would be cool too.

Just ask yourself, would you be a wall flower and hide in the corner? Would you be a blogging guru giving the key note speech? Or would you head for the bar in nervous excitement and then drink far too much and talk much too loudly? Would you be a nervous quivering wreck for having left your family at home? Or would you be a hyperactive child full of excitement at being ON YOUR OWN for the weekend?
At this point, I'm still in thrall to the idea of a flight ON MY OWN all the way to Americee. I spent my working lunchtime imagining the agonies of an economy seat for seven hours, plus connections. Surprisingly I was excited at the prospect, but in my fantasy I was enjoying a tasty lunch of grilled salmon salad. Not sure inflight catering would be so yummy.
On my first morning in San Francisco, I would be so excited that I would rush down to breakfast to find out what in the world grits actually are - and whether they taste any good. Of course, I would have forgotten my camera and would have to rely on a my camera phone which is always a bit shaky. I'm hoping grits would be every bit as good as Swamp Woman makes them. Back in the real world, I make do with sharing a 'half breakfast' with Peaches. Recaro was weird. He had a slice of granary toast with mashed banana. I don't know what that was about.

I'll be updating this during the weekend with more alternative Blogher moments from my strangely lush world. Make sure you come back to see who else is at Virtual Blogher.


Fat, frumpy & fifty... said...

so let me get this straight, youve just come home from hilday and NOW youre off to america!!?? what the HECK am I doing wrong here??? LOL
##have a good one..


Working mum said...

Yay! You're doing it! I'll have to find a suitable photo and link in.

scrappysue said...

you sure got me thinking - come read!

gigi said...

You are just to funny! Have a great weekend!

Milla said...

yup, I'd be in the bar drinking and talking far too much and waking the next day wreathed in embarrasment!

Milla said...

and and and now I've spelt embarrassment wrong. How, er, embarrassing.

Working mum said...

I fully intended to do a photo today, but the tip, B&Q and DFS got in the way. (Can you tell I've just read the Snail and the Whale?)

Adrian said...

Don't pine over grits - they're NASTY! They look like mashed potatoes and taste like I don't know what. I think it's definitely an aquired taste. Very similar to Cream 'O Wheat cereal. Don't know if you have it over there, but unless you were raised on it, you'd never want to eat it - yuck!