Thursday, July 24, 2008

New season clothes on Bond Street

In a fit of exuberance and good weather I walked from Victoria station to the office yesterday. As I walked past Buckingham Palace, I realised for the first time, that Big Ben is visible from the Palace. I'm not sure why this surprised me. Probably because the curve of roads and the proximity of buildings get in the way of this sight line.

So here it is, Big Ben from the Palace.

The sleeping business men were in Green Park at 8.25am. Don't know what that's about. Had they been out all night and slept in the park? Or did they travel in early - in time to have an extra sleep before going into the office? Very odd.

Other odd things were going on in Bond Street and Bruton Street. End of summer sales (though children in England only broke up for the summer holidays yesterday) at Diane von Furstenberg and Jigsaw, but new season clothes in at Stella McCartney (she's still making beautiful clothes), the very traditional Holland & Holland (where you might find a new season pair of woolly socks, tweed hunting jacket or a deerstalker).

Matthew Williamson is giving lots of floaty party dresses. Not sure what his window theme is about. Is it a circus? But aren't those oversized Christmas baubles? I think it's supposed to be a human cannon, but with extra disco cannon balls. Huh?

As ever, Miu Miu does its own thing. It has just the thing for the woman who wants a little black dress but fears rain and just won't carry an umbrella. I'm really hoping that dress is lined. The weather this weekend is threatening to be HOT.


gigi said...

I love your window shopping! I so want to come to England and meet Big Ben for myself. My brother was there for a year in the 80's and I want to take him with me. He's so much fun. Then we could come see you and Peaches. But I guess that would be in another life time!

echoeve said...

I love the window shopping. I don't know about the man sleeping in the park. I mean are you really allowed to do that. I would think someone would come along and make him move along.

Adrian said...

Thanks for putting me on your blog roll. That's very kind of you. It's nice that my site starts with an "A" because then I get to be FIRST - woohoo!

Maybe next year, we'll both get to go to BlogHER. Wouldn't that be a blast???

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

its inspired this virtual window shopping with you..thank you...I used to work in London and commute from the bay...sturry or blean, where ever l lay my hat at the time....

you are so good to me and for me!!
a small piece of 'home' always surprises me how it affects me when i see places of yesteryear!!
saz x


Madame Queen said...

I love the way you just casually toss in there that you walked by Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. I'm sooo jealous! Can you tell I have a fetish?

Just there ANYTHING in the U.S. that elicits the same kind of "I would kill to be there" reaction?