Friday, July 18, 2008

San Fran and the Bubble... spot the difference

Blogger is behaving oddly and won't let me add more photos to my Virtual Blogger post - but don't let that stop you joining in, go ahead and click on that link to find out what it's all about.

If I were at Blogher I could say it was all the fault of the lousy no good hotel broadband. But I'm not, so I only have my own amateur techie-abilities to blame. Instead of trying to update that post, I'm going to highlight how the Bubble might actually be the place to be.

Just like at a San Francisco Blogher conference, I can run into all kinds of people that I know. I said hello to the renowned chef of a local restaurant and the highly-regarded double bass player of a well known local band at Tea & Times (that's two separate people of course. That would just be too much talent for one person).

I also saw the Bubble's most hardworking woman. She's a window cleaner and I never see her not working. I wanted to say hello but she was chatting to one of the most sinister yet glamorous local mothers - someone I like to keep my distance from. (Glamorous in that looks 25 from behind but not quite so young from the front kind of way... sinister because when she deigns to speak to me she says things like, 'Oh your husband is so lovely. How can you let him speak to other women...' Happily Recaro assures me that he does not like this maneater.)

I invited a fabulous couple from up the road to dinner in a couple of week's time and invited the vicar and her husband to Peaches' birthday party in September. She's pregnant and will be interested in hanging out with mums, dads and babies for an afternoon. Oh yes, I'm a networking social demon.

Speaking to the vicar involved having a cup of tea at the regular Friday coffee morning. Yes, yes, if you go to a coffee morning in southern England, it usually involves everyone drinking tea. No one ever has a 'tea morning'. That would just be wrong.

However, as I drank my tea and Peaches slurped her orange squash it occurred to me that this could be the closest I get to a refreshment break in between conference sessions. See all these people mingling and chatting... for all those delegates' sakes, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Blogher is more exciting than this... Clearly, if I'm going to convince you that the Bubble is cool, I was going to have to get out of here and find something more fun.

Now San Fran is famous for many things - such as bridges. Whitstable used to have the oldest railway bridge in the world which used to carry the world's first passenger railway train. But the council knocked it down in the 1970's because the buses couldn't get under it. This road is no longer on a bus route so it is possible this piece of architectural vandalism was a little short-sighted. But don't worry, I'm not going to show you a photo of a very boring road where the bridge used to be.

Instead, I've done the research and discovered that SF has a mighty fine and very large fish
market at the Ferry Building. In Whitstable too, we have fish market at the harbour. Oh yes peeps. Whatever SF can do, the Bubble can do on a slightly smaller scale.

Cynics among you might think that SF has the Bubble beat on the shopping front. But I'm not so sure. Can you really find this skirt and this dress in SF?
There's a number of boutiques to choose from, but if you like something unique and retro, you can get that too.Shopping for small children is pretty good too. This shop sells both clothes and toys. It's in between two other toy shops and over the road from another children's clothes shop.

If you prefer a credit crunch outfit, then make your own via the fabric shop and this sells everything sewing machine shop. Even with my lack of crafting skills, I sometimes day dream of the things I would do with their overlocking machines. (You can see why small town living suits me, can't you? My dreams are really very modest).And if you are fed up with that and would prefer to sit on the beach eating ice cream, you can do that too.
Feeling sad you forgot the bucket and spade? The barbecue? The deck chair? Look no further.
I'm feeling a bit worn out now. Peaches has gone for her nap. My post is written up. Next I'll be getting ready for parties and the cocktails. Oh yes, I have plans for tonight. Virtual Blogher isn't over yet.


Madame Queen said...

I don't know, but that looks like apretty rockin' conference you got going on right there! :)

What is orange squash, by the way? Orange juice?

Oh, and I can totally see the resemblance between you and Kate Winslet. What I find kind of freaky is that you're both British. How did that morph thing know?

Sass E-mum said...

Squash is cordial that you dilute with water. But cheaper. Cordial sounds posher, more grown up and might even contain real fruit.

Juice would be fruit juice and nothing but the real thing.

What would you call squash?

gigi said...

You are so cute and this was really a fun post. Keep on keeping on, girlfreind!

scrappysue said...

oh man - i want to come visit you! those shops are just too cute! are you sure you didn't secretly fly to SF? love the friday tea (can i call it that?) i have just seen a shot from blogher and there wasn't a red gingham table cloth in sight!!!