Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wishing I was going to Blogher

I don't generally like conferences. But that's because I work in the property world where the men drink and shout 'Rah, rah. Deals! Property! Rah, rah rah!'

Or alternatively, I find myself at public sector procurement conferences. Lots of slow moving, uncommercial procurement people. Wow, they make me cross.

But Blogher? That sounds like fun. It's all about chatting to blogging women - like me! Except they are American. Having never been to America I imagine it means everyone's a little bit louder.

Sounds okay to me, because there'll also be cocktail parties. And when I have cocktails, I too get just a little bit louder too. To make up for my absence from what sounds like a very hilarious gig, I'm going to share a photo of me drinking Pina Colada last week.

Recaro asked for a second round of drinks straight after this one. 'Same again', he cried. The waitress looked at him for a moment and in a heavy Greek accent she asked, 'Pinas?'

What could he do but agree? He wasn't happy about it though.


scrappysue said...

i LOVE pina coladas!!! as for the blogher conf - i blog with a couple of women who are going. will be very interesting to see the feedback! u comin to NY???

Sass E-mum said...

Noooo. It's all looking too expensive. I would want to go with Recaro and Peaches - between long flights with a toddler and his lack of spare holiday it's not looking good.

That's not to say I won't be checking out the last minute deals... you'll be meeting some fab women and I'll be missing the action. Gaaaaaah!

Working mum said...

I hadn't heard of Blogher. Sounds fun. Perhaps you could host your own version on your blog? A virtual Blogher! I'll bring the Merlot!