Saturday, August 23, 2008

Corporate bloggy love

Bank holidays wipe me out. The combination of in-laws, mixed up weather, accidents and an unreliable boiler have left me drawing a blank on the blog front.

I can understand why some people are closing their blogs, even though I find it very sad. It's true that I'm not doing much to add to the wealth of interesting writing going on on the blogosphere. But where else are you going to go for yet another photo of a very tasty quiche? This week's quiche is brought to you by the vegetable; broccoli and the cheese; feta.
Thank you. You're welcome.

Another thing that's keeping me feeling chipper about blogging, is that I was sent a freebie. This freebie has been hugely helpful at this time of demanding in-laws, slightly grumpy husbands and very unreliable boilers.

The lovely people at Nivea sent me a pot of this.
At first I was thinking that I couldn't possibly like a product targeted at women in their thirties, that is called Q10. Cuten, geddit. I don't like that sort of name - it whirrs around my head as I try saying it normally but always hearing it the other way. Grrr, I'm too old to aim for 'cute'.

I do like a skincare routine, however, that lets me whack on a load of moisturiser and see it soak into my skin easily without a greasy feeling. Or a queasy feeling. I'm feeling too credit-crunched to go fork out for Kiehl's or Clinique just yet.

Previously, I was using a Nivea moisturiser with self tanning ingredients. It was good to have something to wean me off the tanned face. The weather hasn't been justifying my sunkissed complexion.

The natural look has been a success. In fact I've had a few compliments about my skin lately and can only put it down to the product. Either that or people are finally awakening to my gorgeous inner beauty. You never know.

Take a look here and you can try this out yourself for free.

And while I'm appreciating corporate freebies, here's another business that's earnt a strangely lush mention.

We've been using this Tomy monitor for the past two years. Peaches bedroom is two floors away from ours, so we rely on a monitor to hear if she wakes in the night and to know when she's ready to get up in the morning. Not that we respond until after 6am.

It works fine as long as it's in the charge-up base but it has zilch life in it if we pick it up. Recaro phoned Tomy today to find out about new batteries for the parent unit. They won't send us one.

Instead they've insisted on sending us a completed new monitor set. For free. Isn't that incredible customer service?

And what about that crochet pot? That's a present from Lindiloo, our babysitting/knitting goddess. I put my watch in it so that when I reach for it in the middle of the night (to see how much more sleep I have to go) I don't make loads of scrabbly about noises. Scrabbly noises in the night make Recaro cross...


Amanda said...

I think we all feel like our blogs 'serve no purpose' sometimes. You gotta do what's right for you. But, what would we do without those wonderful quiche shots. I just had breakfast and now I'm craving quiche.

Working mum said...

Yes, I've found a couple I read are giving up, too. Don't give up showing us your life in Whitstable with Peaches, it's lovely! Maybe, there'll be another baby to blog about in the future?

I got the free Nivea too, I'll blog about it soon. Also about the continuing decorating.

Thanks for the recommendation for hols; I was going to ask where you went as it sounded perfect for us. I got the Passport forms for daughter today: I'm determined to feel the sunshine again!

Suburbia said...

Oh something free! I never get nice free things. I am more likely to get a sample of 'tenna lady' or such like!! Not that I need them of course :)

I couldn't give up blogging. I'm a hopless Billy-no-mates so, you see I have to blog!

Found you at Fat, frumpy and fifty.

scrappysue said...

love the crochet pot! and that quiche looks suspiciously like one i make - YUM!!!

MamaGeek said...

I feel ya. I swear I have NUTHIN left to blog about either.

That pizza, however, did wink at me, so I think I should get a slice. :)


Well now, freebies. See that is good karma being returned to you for dealing with the boiler, in-laws and weather.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

there is hope yet...then for me...the baby food 'cow and gate OLVARIT'..
to me always sings CANT GET OVER IT!! is that supposed to be subliminal or what or not??

and nivea great!! my mum gave me (very expensive ) anti age cream and derma micro-absion machine, why am l the only person who thinks that?
l am not alone then maybe..

SaraLynn said...

lovely quiche!

I know I lost several readers during my summer break from blogland, but it was needed. I think it is sad for those who have decided to give it up completely.

I have always enjoyed your place in blogland and i hope you continue!