Thursday, August 14, 2008

Much excitement and sugar in the house

Thursdays are my Fridays. I've made it to the end of the paid working week. It adds an extra level of excitement to collecting Peaches from her childminder's house. Today she's been potato printing and painting - she was very keen to show me her pictures.

She's not had a potty training accident since Monday, things are going very well. After the initial tough three days and then two days off because of outings and sickness, Peaches has grasped the idea of potty training. I'm sure it helps that her three-year-old playmate is being trained at the same time. However - there has to be an however, it's traditional in all potty training stories - she's not done a stinker in the potty yet. In fact, there's not been sight of a poo all week.

Anyone want to hazard a guess just what disaster is surely about to befall us?

Another developmental milestone arrived this afternoon. Peaches has suddenly tuned into the idea of what telephones do. She clutched the phone and carried about the house this afternoon clearly looking to get it working. After a bit of a struggle where we took turns to chant, 'My turn now', I managed to phone Recaro. Peaches held the phone. With a look of wonder she listened to the voice, and then whispered, 'Daddy'.

And everyone smiled and was very happy. It really doesn't take much. We are a bit daft like that.

We celebrated with a piece of Gigi's Texas Sheet Cake. I made this over the weekend and we are still getting through it. Not only is it delicious, but it inspires Peaches say, 'More, please. More, please,' as she carries the plate back to the kitchen.

Other moments of joy include singing along to the Bee Gees, joining in with Twinkle Twinkle and Horsey horsey... And even singing along to greatest New Zealand hits.

That's right. New Zealand. We received this bundle of goodies yesterday from Scrappy. It's an excellent calorific selection. I even recognise a lot of the music too. This was a prize for linking the baby photos to the current photos of Scrappy's daughters.

It's great to have this stash in the house. Not only do I learn how much music that I like is actually Kiwi, but I also have sweets to eat while I watch Sabrina (Bogart/Hepburn) and wait for Recaro to get home. I can't watch the Olympic highlights until Recaro gets here - otherwse I have to watch it all twice - and it's unless it involves GB winning a medal it's not so good if you already know the ending.

So thank you Scrappy. I've not eaten sweets like this since I was 12 - I think I'll book that dentist appointment tomorrow...


Amanda said...

I'm so glad it is going well for you. That stinkie always comes last, it seems. Jackson did his first one outside. That was probably way too much information and if he was a teenager and knew I was sharing it, he would probably be very upset.

Anywho, point is, maybe let her run around naked in the backyard???

Wow, reading that back, I'm feeling a little embarrassed. Still going to hit publish, though.

gigi said...

Wow this is an exciting post!!

So proud of Peaches!! I think that is excellent!! I know yall are so proud! And the telephone too! Way to go Peaches!

It's so exciting to get a package from Scrappy! I was so happy that I finally won something! She's just the sweetest.

That makes me happy that you liked the Texas Sheet cake recipe well enough that you made it again! And that's perfect that Peaches likes it too!

The Bee Gees make me happy!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

all that candy!! Yumm!!! and this has no commection to the potty training?

note to self do not judge other by my own yard sticks...

scrappysue said...

so pretty and colourful! why do the postcards always arrive bent? what's the font you used (sugar rush) - i like it!

can't wait to hear where the POOP lands. maybe you should have a sweepstake???

Reluctant Housewife said...

ScrappySue does the best giveaways. So much fun. Congrats on the big win.