Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Recaro: keeping DIY stores in business

While I've been attempting to potty train Peaches (eight pairs of knickers and a mere dribble in the potty so far), Recaro has been doing DIY.

Yes that's right. D I why the heck.

So far he has put up one iron rack successfully in the airing cupboard and removed a tree from the garden (wrong place and infested with bugs). He has got rid of all the branches and trunk, but did manage to break the pick axe and has made THREE trips to the DIY store.

Right now he's in the middle of repositioning the whirligig (the second he's bought today - the first was broken...). If this thing goes up straight I shall be very proud of him, but the last one was so off kilter, I don't feel very optimistic about this one.

This job involves ready mix concrete - but he's dug too big a hole and discovered he hadn't bought enough concrete. So he's dug all the concrete out and is starting again with twice as much again.

I hope he knows what he's buying.

The last time we went shopping together, he was very visibly the married man in the store. I'd walked ahead with Peaches. Keeping her under control and picking things up along the way. By the time we met up with each other, I was ready to dump loads of things in the trolley he was pushing.

A very empty trolley.

Apart from a single, lonely packet of chewing gum.

If he was single, he might at least have had some pizza and beer. Instead he was 'married man' playing the vacuous, what am I doing in this supermarket, card, which is very odd because it was his idea to go shopping in the first place. He wanted to buy beer. Perhaps he forgot...?

I told him at the time that 'I'm going to blog this.' Of course, he doesn't know I'm going to blog about his DIY skills... maybe he doesn't have to ask.


Nicol said...

Lol! I have a love hate relationship with DIY stores. This past Saturday we were in one at least 5 or 6 times. Sometimes I really hate home improvement projects but then I love it when it is all finished.

MamaGeek said...

Oh I feel ya. DIY usually translates into Do It YetAgain. It sure LOOKS like he knows what he's doing! That's half of it. :)

Working mum said...

I have the opposite problem when he comes to the supermarket. Items appear in the trolley that weren't on the list and I had no intention of buying!