Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Still here between the vomit and the wee

There's just one day between Recaro's and mine birthday and it's been taken over by all sorts of body fluids. I already knew I was going to be preoccupied with multiple knicker changes, super-absorbant paper towels and a wide range of potty songs.

I didn't bet on Recaro falling ill and vomiting all day.

What a treat. I feel as if my life could be summarised with a subtitle by Suburban Correspondent.

My birthday dinner last night was fabulous - I'll put up a post about this separately, because I did take lots of photos - unfortunately somewhere along the line, Recaro picked up a bug and has fallen into terrible sickly state.

I hoicked him out of bed after Peaches' bathtime so that I could change the sheets and insist on his having a bath.

Since then, he's asked me in a weak and wavering voice if I would go to the pharmacy for him.

Poor dab. Of course I went. He's now nursing his bottle of Pepto-Bismol and considering when he might attempt to drink some rehydration concentrate.

While I count the minutes between doses, I'm walking that fine line between nursing my husband and drinking beer and blogging. That PB better work. I really don't want to take him (and Peaches) to hospital. I'm a pretty attentive nurse for my sickly husband - just don't push me too far.


gigi said...

I am so sorry your sweetheart is sick. I know the feeling well, trying to take care of a sick husband is a lonly job. Hopw he is better soon!

scrappysue said...
you've probably seen this, but given your current state of affairs - a little laugh won't go amiss - it's SO true! i was meaning to say happy birthday (again!) can't wait for the pics and trust everyone makes a full recovery and that YOU don't fall prey to everyone's germs!!!

Amanda said...

I just watched that link in Sue's comment. That was hilarious and totally true. I hope he feels better and Happy Birthday to you both!!!!

Working mum said...

Sounds like a reaction to the DIY! Hope he's better soon and Peaches discovers how to do "Magic Wee Wee" (that's doing one on time, in the toilet)

gigi said...

Just thinking about yall and hoping tht today has been better?