Monday, September 15, 2008

I don't want to learn something new EVERY day

If I could just roll on through life knowing enough, I think that would be fine. For a start, it would mean not having to learn not to let Recaro use my camera. Then he wouldn't have lost somewhere in Diabaig, Wester Ross, Scotland, a very long way from home down south in Whitstable, Kent.

Some of those photos were so lovely - and were such great blogging fodder - that I think I'm going to worry over the loss for some time to come. Since I'm not shy (on email, at least), I've emailed a random holiday home owner in Diabaig to see if they can look in the phone box or on the harbour wall outside their house and spot the camera.

Do you think they will? I think I would if someone emailed me, but then again, my email might strike them as bonkers.

In the meantime, I have just six photos of the holiday taken with a different camera - a better one, but so big that it's inconvenient. It's just not 'snappy' enough. However, at least one of these is of Recaro wearing a silly hat, so you can look forward to seeing that on Photostory Friday one day VERY soon.

Ho hum. Better get on with that pesky thing called paid work, some of the mountainous post-holiday washing, shopping to fill our very bare cupboards and collecting the cat from the cattery.

Madame Queen asked a post or two ago if she could swop her life for mine - just for a week. Recaro's condition is that she can, so long as she is fit (since I am not fit, it 's a bit mean of him to insist on this qualification...). I'll be happy to swop too - but no, not for holiday week. I'm talking about the week AFTER holiday. That'd be good.


gigi said...

Welcome home!
I'm so so sorry about your great loss! I would be in tears, I so hope those that you e-mailed will help you out by looking for it and hopefully finding it! There's always hope. Glad yall are safely home and for the most part had a wonderful holiday!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

glad you are home safe and sound....l left a comment for you to pop by and see todays post....something for you upon your return..
saz x

SaraLynn said...

Sorry about your camera :(
I would be bummed too.
If you emailed mw, I would look for it. Maybe you will hear something from them :)

Swap lives...hmmmm..I don't know if I would...guess it depends on who it is!

Adrian said...

Sorry about the camera. Maybe he'll feel guilty enough about it to buy you a nice shiny new one!

PS: Left a tag for you on my blog.

scrappysue said...

welcome back! i wouldn't be moving on as well as you are over a lost camera. i would want to curl up and DIE! i DO realise that you can spend a lot of energy worrying about things you can't change, but photos are photos aren't they?

it still may well come back to you - you never know!

Alex said...

I know just how you feel - from sad experience!
Anybody local getting your message would do their best to find the camera, and nobody local would just take it and keep it if they found it.
I'm up the road in Gairloch and don't get down to Diabaig, but if it's any help, I can tell you the number of the phone box is 01445 790219 - perhaps you could try ringing it at intervals!
Two Lochs Radio, Gairloch

Working mum said...

Oh I feel for you. I live in fear of losing my camera or my photos on the computer (which are backed up at Photobox and on CD just in case - perhaps I'm a little too anxious about it!) Let's hope someone finds it and sends it back and that Recaro is suitably penitent.

Amanda said...

I so want to call that number, right now.

I hope you find your camera soon. My little camera was crappy but that didn't seem to make me feel better when Emma Mae dunked it in the toilet. Sorry for your loss. I know how you feel.

Madame Queen said...

No way, Jose! We're swapping a holiday week or it's no go. Tell Recaro that I'm about 12 pounds lighter than I was, but I'm not sure I'd say I was "fit" based on my lack of breath after climbing the stairs the other day!