Saturday, September 13, 2008

Last day of the holiday

We left Colonsay amidst all kinds of doubts about whether the ferry would make it in - and out - of the harbour. While we would have been happy to stay, a number of day trippers had been stranded by the bad weather and were wigging out at the unplanned stopover. Frankly, there are worse places to be stranded.

The ferry route had been rejigged to accommodate the various stranded travellers so our two hour trip back to Oban turned into a four hour epic journey.

Lucky for us the seas weren't too rocky and Peaches travels well. We got a two hour sleep out of her, but in the two hours she was awake... Basically, I lost count of the number of times she wanted to go to the toilet. First she's fascinated by the paper, then by the water, then by the flush, then by the soap, the water again and the dryer. Sit down for five minutes and she wants to go all over again.

I did slip into insanity several times during the journey. I couldn't have handled it if the ferry had been at all busy.

Now we are at The Torridon. It's grander than the Colonsay and quite a bit more formal. It's a common theme of our holidays - but, as ever, the food is great. Thought you'd like to be reassured on that point. My main food discovery of the holiday, by the way, is crowdie cheese. Mild soft cheese to have in place of feta or mozzarella in a salad and is also good in cheese cake.

I think if we come back, we might stay on the Applecross peninsula. The coastal road is lovely - better to be a passenger so that you can look at the scenery. The village is teeny tiny, very pretty, big beach, great pub and houses to fantasise about owning.

We go home tomorrow, so today is all about having as much fun as possible.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

sounds like an interesting, cobweb blowing, not without incident, family holiday in bonnie, wet,cold scotland...

as l mentioned before we were there this time last year...and we crossed up the cattle pass, over to applecross and lve posted pics of the view to skye... you might like to see them..

back to whitsabubble soon...

gigi said...

Sorry your holiday is coming to an end. Glad to hear that yall have had a great time. Be safe coming home.

scrappysue said...

kids and confined spaces - can be a trial! enjoy the rest of your holiday!