Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not the best way to impress the boss

Last year, Recaro and I spent some time planning out our holidays for 2008. We thought it would be a really smart move to take one week's holiday in February (Ghent), July (Greece), August (Whitstable) and September (Scotland). We'd make best use of the bank holidays and hope that our respective offices would close for at least three days between Christmas Day and New Year. Which they have - thanks guys.

So far, so much holiday.

But my best laid plans are now biting me on the bum. And I hate that.

I only do four days work in the office each week and the consequence of taking a week's holiday for each of the summer months is that I've been constantly catching up and then preparing to go on holiday for three months. The stress on me... and the team I work in... is beginning to tell. I feel like a really slack worker.

Yes, yes. I've brought it all on myself. And it's all made worse by my own anxiety over retaining my flexible working arrangements with a good firm.

So good that tomorrow - last day before holiday time, just when I'm most under pressure to get stuff done, I've been invited to go to the Lanesborough Hotel for a champagne cream tea. It's the operations partner's baby shower party and it starts at 3pm - you'd never guess we were in recession would you? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that her boss will be putting funds down for the champagne element.

My head is spinning from how on the one hand I'm under masses of real and self-inflicted pressure and on the other, I'm getting holidays, flexible-working, champagne and cream teas.

It's something of a relief to be told that this weekend there'd be some electrical work going on in the office which will mean that no emails will be forwarded to any work Blackberries. This means that for the start of our Scottish holiday I can actually relax. I might even start looking forward to it.

I'm closing comments on this post, because I can hear it now, 'get over yourself, get on with the job and enjoy your time off'.