Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Loony Tuesday - a strangely lush DIY tip

Recaro is concerned that I use him as punchline (or is it punchbag) on this blog. I'm not sure that's true. Hopefully you have identified his strengths as a considerate husband, a fun dad and a very great guy to spend time with.

He's mostly concerned these days that when I blog I don't talk to him. And then when I do talk to him, it's to explain that I've blogged about something daft that he's said or done.

To reinforce your view of him (and here's the clever bit, this is going to work whether you think he's a bit loony or brilliantly helpful) here's a handy tip that he did want to pass on to anyone who struggles with DIY. It's a little ditty to help you recall which way screwdrivers work and he assures me that this is very helpful when upside down and dealing with awkward screws and taps.

'Lefty Lucy, righty tighty'.

This could be handy with small children who haven't worked out when to stop unscrewing taps... though they would have to know their left from right. What do you think, is this a rhyme that would work for you?

It only remains to give you an update on the lost camera situation. My bonkers email to the good people of Daibaig for my (not lost after all) camera was very well received. Before I could send an email telling them the hunt was off, they'd been on the phone to tell me they'd had a good look around and couldn't spot it anywhere.

What mighty fine and friendly folk they are. In case anyone wants to check out their house and maybe even go stay, here's the link to Tigh Brachen at Diabaig.


Don Mills Diva said...

Glad you found your camera and thanks for the rythme!

Amanda said...

Recaro has nothing to worry about. We all know how fabulous he is.

gigi said...

My dad has always said 'Lefty Lucy, righty tighty'. It's one of those good says.

We all know that Recaro is one of those super Hero's. Tell him, no worry.

MamaGeek said...

Girl, I feel ya.

LifeBehindTheCoach.com said...

oh brilliant screwdriver tip - I'm going to remember that. I'll tell The Husband, he's constantly ridiculed (in the nicest possible way) on my blog hahah....the power......! Great blog!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Hubby always says "lefty loosy, tighty righty" too! Now Buddy reminds me of it every time I have to tighten or loosen something.

I'm glad you've located your camera!