Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scotland again: slack blogging

I think I need a holiday again.

My blogging time is getting very compressed. What with all sorts of changes at work, I'm very busy, so when I get home, I'm really loving chilling out with Peaches.

Her speech is coming on fast now. 60 words plus last week and rising to 80+ now. For the first time today she chased to the childminder's door shouting, 'Mummy, Mummy'. I think this means she's loving spending time with me too. Occasionally I graduate to 'Mymummy'. Recaro is invariably, 'Mydaddy'. Which he loves.

Although I can't have another holiday, I can at least enjoy the photos again.

Moments later, Peaches weed on this green. It might be easier to tell you which greens Peaches hasn't weed on...
While she was asleep, we had a tasty pub lunch and listened to some really annoying harp music. Even the dogs didn't like it.
There was a sequoia tree in the hotel garden with a very squishy trunk. I wanted to show the scale of the tree, but Peaches had other ideas.
And bedtimes were mostly very straightforward. Moomin books are lovely. Not too boring for an adult to read again and again and interesting, atmospheric pictures to look at.
Most days, we refreshed our memory of geography O' levels. Here's the finest picture of basket of eggs topography you'll see this year.

I'm going to have to rethink my blogging time if I'm to get back on track. Peaches bedtime is now going to bed at 8pm as a strategy to stop her waking before 6pm, so I can't blog before Recaro gets home. The new bedtime is a lot of fun... but the mornings are still too bright and early...


Working mum said...

I've never seen that basket of eggs topography before and I've walked a lot of Scotland. Fascinating!

My blogging needs some scheduling too, but luckily daughter is going to bed earlier now she has started school and is worn out!

scrappysue said...

gorgeous pics, and you MUST make time for blogging! buy peaches a plastic keyboard so u can blog together!!!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Beautiful, rugged looking landscape. Pretty pictures, all... Was it cold? It looks windy. I think it's hard not to wee sometimes when it's chilly outside and your a tiny person.

I love Sue's suggestion of blogging together. Cute!

Casdok said...

They are so cute when they start talking!!
And what fantastic photos :)

LifeBehindTheCoach.com said...

I loved the bit about Peaches weeing on the green...The husband's a bt of a golfer and i've often suggested he take the pups around with him but the shame of them weeing would be apparently too much to bear! hahaha Are the 3 dogs yours? Simply gorgeous, we have 2 that look identical to each other. Keep blogging, great photo's

Lynette x

Amanda said...

I love Sue's suggestion, too. My blogging must be why Madi keeps asking for a Dora puter.

Love the pic of peaches with her face in the book. That girl is so cute you could just pinch her little cheeks off.

Okay, that was a little weird. Sorry.