Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crackers about the Daring Bakers

September's challenge was supposed to be posted on the 30 September. I was a bit busy though, so I missed the posting deadline. D'yuh think they'll forgive me?

Because, you see, I'm not sure they will. It was a bread challenge. Involving yeast.

Always problematic and rarely tasty.

I tried to keep things simple and follow the vegan vibe. With gluten free flour I didn't even get to rolling the dough. It looked worse than Peaches' playdoh.

So I tried again with regular flour. At least it rose.

I optimistically made some hummous from scratch to go with it. I even found some extra light tahini. My intention was that at least my hummous wouldn't be too dry.

Ho hum. Eating this was like chewing cardboard. With a side order of putty. Believe me, I'm being kind to myself here. My lack of enthusiasm shows in the fact that the only photo I took was with my Blackberry and not with a real camera.

If any of the baking gurus from Daring Bakers read this - please forgive me for being late posting and please let's have a mad old party cake in October. I'd prefer a ganache and butter cream challenge to fighting my yeast demons any time.


scrappysue said...

those yeast demons can be tricky! don't treat it as a failure, more like a fork in the road to your next success!

Reluctant Housewife said...

I think the picture looks good... even if the taste wasn't perfect.

I think you're awesome for doing all these baking challenges. The closest I've come to baking lately is the fresh from the oven muffin I got at the coffee shop the other day. That baby was GOOD... but not homemade.

Amanda said...

Yes, I agree that you are quite daring to try all of these things. I've always been very intimidated by anything that had to rise on it's own. So the fact that you even tried impresses me.

Anonymous said...

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