Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's enough to drive me to drink

Should you ever stop by the strangely lush family residence, be assured you'll be offered liquid refreshment.

Tea, coffee, decaffinated coffee, apple juice, elderflower cordial, milk (semi skimmed and full fat), red wine, white wine, vodka (tonic), gin (tonic) and beer.

Please note, however, that beer choices will be much reduced in future. Recaro conducted a highly scientific taste-test challenge to identify our future choice of beer.

In a darkened kitchen, we sipped a variety of beverages and decided that Stella is the way forward. Kronenburg didn't make the cut. We did not test Peroni, Sol or Corona, but I have a feeling more taste-tests will be conducted in the not-so-distant future.

The challenge Recaro and I have set ourselves for NOT drinking during the week gets correspondingly tougher as the week continues. It's only Wednesday, I have already failed in this mission. Another colleague has resigned from the team and I encouraged us all to go to the pub at lunchtime. There will also be work drinks this evening to celebrate some corporate changes at the firm.

I call it team bonding. Even if I was the only person in the pub on a permanent contract.


Reluctant Housewife said...

Didn't I read or hear somewhere that a drink a day is good for your heart?

I'm looking forward to that drink... someday... maybe? If I ever get back to England.

Sass E-mum said...

Woohoo! Wouldn't that be a lovely thing.

I think I'd even stretch to a bowl of crisps if you visited.

(Who am I kidding? I'd break out the cook books and bake up a feast.)

scrappysue said...

i have at LEAST one glass of red wine EVERY day. it's good for the heart, prevents cancer and prolongs my life. well, that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

we have very little liquid refreshment in my house. i banned juice a long time ago and we never quite recovered. as my mother always says - 'there's plenty of water in the tap!!!'

mothers - what do they know!!!!

Sally's Chateau said...

And what a challenge indeed. Course if you're surrounded by vines one thing leads to another .....

gigi said...

I just wish I lived close enough to stop by for a little visit :) You wouldn't even have to offer any liquid refreshments. Just your sweet company and conversation would be so nice.

Anonymous said...

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