Sunday, October 26, 2008

A smorgasbord of a post

I've just waved goodbye to my mother-in-law. Recaro cooked up a Sunday lunch of ... lasagne. Not especially traditional as far as Sunday lunches go but very tasty.

Best of all, she waited until we'd finished lunch before telling us about a programme she saw on telly where the holy men of India hung very heavy weights off their penises. If you are just about to eat or letting a small child read this blog over your shoulder - I apologise. I just wanted to share the joy...

Quite what Peaches will one day make of her granny - well, I have no idea. But at least she'll know which supermarket chain is offering the best deals on gin, vodka and sherry. In case this is of interest to you - the best deals are on offer in Tesco this week, but Rosemount Shiraz is best value at Aldi.

See what happens when you give pensioners free bus passes. They price check EVERYTHING.

Now that she's on the train home (88 years old and we still drop her off at the station - this would make us sound mean except that I think she likes seeing how terribly badly teenagers can behave in public and there are few better places to do this than on Network South East) and (yes this sentence is going to be a biggy) Recaro and Peaches are both having a siesta, I can blog.

I need to catch up because I've been given three awards. Two of them happened to be this one....

It's from the Reluctant Housewife and Adrian. It's lovely to hear that Reluctant loves my blog because she is one of my oldest and fondest blog-friend. I KNOW there are others who also think she's one of THEIR oldest and fondest blog-friend - but hey, I just went and said it first.

Adrian is a newer buddy. She (yes, she's definitely a she even if she's not Adrienne) thinks I post photos of unidentifiable food.

I quote: "She posts some really yummy looking dishes, but I'm not always sure exactly what they are."

Hmph. Has she been talking to Recaro? Hasn't she seen my astonishing icing skillz? I think I should be told.
I'm kidding, Adrian. Thank you so much - and sorry it's taken me more than a month to respond.

In the darkest recesses of my memory, there's another very lovely person out there who gave me a third. But I was being busy and pretending to be oh so cool about it. Now I've forgotten who it was, when it was, what it was for.

I'm eaten up with shame at being so ungrateful. I've searched through my google mail account and when I find it I'm going to shout about it.

Now, please excuse me while I go and wake Peaches up from a short afternoon nap. She might be exhausted from Granny's visit but this weekend the clocks went back an hour* and I'm keeping the little girl's routine on track.

*The UK still changes the clocks in winter and spring so that farmers get the benefit of lighter mornings - even if it means that children have to walk home from school in the dark. Unfortunately, I won't be able to handle any questions about this - I'm very likely to become incoherent in expressing my desire not to have Peaches wake up at 5am and ready to play.


scrappysue said...

that cake looks just like peaches!!! (it's made with love, and that's what counts) :)

The Griffis 4 said...

I have not had breakfast so the cute little cake looks yummy! very cute!

Reluctant Housewife said...

I think the cake looks yum... And about the "oldest, fondest" thing... Right back atcha (and that's very sweet of you to say). Now I'm hearing calls of "all done!" from the direction of the WC(if I can borrow a Britishism) and I have to go be a mommy and wipe a bottom.

Adrian said...

That's OK. It took me almost two weeks to spot this post. Guess I've been cutting back on my blog visiting time. All this exotic food - what ever happened to good ol' roast beef and yorkshire pudding? Tee hee!

PS: What do you think about our new President? I'm so pleased!

Anonymous said...

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