Saturday, October 25, 2008

What's the capital of Iceland?

**** all.

I couldn't help myself. I love that joke. Even if I can't bring myself to swear on line.

This post travels back in time to February 2006. I was two months pregnant and on holiday in Iceland with Recaro. We had a great time staying in a funky Reykavik hotel and then driving north to Hotel Budir.

We took a 4X4 on to a glacier and had fun driving in deep snow.

I had mild morning sickness during this holiday which meant I couldn't finish any of my meals. Recaro came home as big as a house. On the plus side, it also meant that I didn't experience the expense of drinking alcohol in Iceland. Even then, those boys knew how to charge. I was on the wagon and keeping things a little cheaper.

Neither of us had realised that Iceland is a major stopping off point for Americans and Canadians on their flights to the UK. It made the place feel weirdly international - a mixture of European attitude in a western frontier town. Put it this way, there's a lot of corrugated iron roofing in Iceland.

There were a number of things that endeared Iceland to me. Iceland Air was a pleasure to fly. Their cabin staff weren't just about safety and security. They also managed good hospitality and professionalism.

The queue to get on the bus from the airport to Reykavik seemed a bit random as everyone tried to get out of the freezing wind as quickly as possible. But once we were 'decanted' at the city's bus terminal onto smaller minibuses, we realised they were taking everyone to their door. It was an incredibly personal service even though it was publicly funded.

But best of all, the hire car service brought our hire car to the door of our city centre hotel. We didn't have to battle maps and bureaucracy - instead it was all just as you wanted it to be... easy.

All the volcanic, geothermal and glacial stuff was brilliant of course. But then, I like my O' level geography holidays...

I'd like to go back. After all, they haven't lost any of my savings. (savings, schmavings).


gigi said...

My brother worked their one year in the chocolate factory making candy. He loved it there.

Amanda said...

What a great pic of you. I hope you have it framed somewhere. Never been to Iceland and probably never will but it looks absolutely wonderful. You're a regular globetraveller and I'm thankful to know you so I can hear all about it.

Reluctant Housewife said...

I was one of those Canadians who stopped over in Iceland on my way to England... about twelve years ago now. It was great. Did you go to the Blue Lagoon?

You look fabulous in that photo, btw...

And I just awarded you an "I Love Your Blog" award.

echoeve said...

what a nice picture
Iceland wasn't on my top 13 vacations but I would really love to see it first hand

Anonymous said...

Iceland is under attack !!!
See the actual video.