Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feeling frothy yet?

Unlike any previous year, we have a plan for Christmas;
  • write a list of friends and relatives who will be getting a present this year.
  • go to one shop, browse, choose and buy as many presents as possible in one go.
  • complete the list with target presents from other shops over the next month.
  • buy Christmas cards (we are so not crafty in this house)
  • Recaro to write all post cards for mailing during the first week of December (I have terrible handwriting).
  • post overseas presents by end of November.
The idea is, that by effective planning, we shall remove a lot of the stress from Christmas. It helps that we have already nailed a number of critical relative questions. My mum is going to visit friends in Spain - so zilch levels of expectation there, her sights are set on seeing Peaches beforehand. Since we've fixed the date there's not much more to do.

On Boxing Day we'll have a lot of Recaro's relatives over for cold meats, mashed potatoes, pickles and mince pies. The tastiest, most enjoyable meal of the festive season I think. Christmas Day itself can be fraught with expectation - for us it will just be Recaro, Peaches and me. This can only mean fun, lolling about on sofas, eating chocolate and doing only what we want to.

At some point during all this - I'll see my Dad. He's no trouble - any time will be a good time.

All that remains is to put the plan in action. Incredibly, we got started last week. We took Peaches up to Heals on Tottenham Court Road, London to help us select presents from the toy department. After breaking a glass bauble on a Christmas tree, we thought it wouldn't be a good idea to let her roam the china and glass departments... (what responsible parents we are).

The toy department allows access into the window display of gorgeous, expensive furniture...

Once Peaches had picked herself out a monkey, she was extremely happy to try out this £1,801 chair. Gulp. Fortunately Peaches didn't wet herself with excitement. Don't let the price of this chair give you any ideas about us being anything other than squeaky tight at present giving.

I include this photo just to give you all the heebie-jeebies about toddlers and white sofas.

Also, if you've not been to London, this photo gives a tantalising peek on to rainy days and black cabs... I get to see this every week and I still find it exciting.

It's been so long since I've taken you Christmas shopping, I thought I'd give you an early Christmas present. THIS is the red dress I think we should all be wearing on the day. Alexander McQueen has the corner window at Selfridges, which means I can show you the front of this pretty, frothy parteeee dress....

and also show you the back of it.Handily for a dancing dress, it comes with it's own cushiony-bustle for when you just HAVE to sit down. Yet another gift that keeps on giving.


Amanda said...

What a dress!! Good for you for proactively planning your holidays. Way to get ahead of the stress. I need to do that...

I love that pic of the couches. I was gazing longingly at the street outside for a few minutes then read on and saw that you mentioned it.

And as always love that cutie-pie! She doesn't take a bad pic. What a happy girl.

Great post!!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

wow, lovely post and thank you as I dont get down much at all....vicariously living through your blog it seeems..

gigi said...

Thank you, thank you for the window shopping trip and the helpful holiday hints to get stress free. Peaches is growing so fast and is such a beautiful girl!

JP said...

What fun. Peaches is so cute. And that dress? Gorgeous.

Working mum said...

Just catching up on my favourite blogs so I've been reading your latest posts.

Like the optimism of the Christmas plan. I have one every year; even have the budget and lists typed out on my computer, but after all the exams and reports and then all my concerts, it all goes horribly wrong! We hit the Trafford Centre one evening and buy everything in one go whether people want it or not!

Good luck!

scrappysue said...

gawd. just imagine if she's JUST finished eating a chocolate biscuit before you rolled into THAT department!!!