Friday, January 16, 2009

Good news - plane crashes

I took Peaches for breakfast at Tea and Times. It's always a happy time. This time it was even better and there was a buzz about the place. This cafe also sells newspapers and all the papers were running front page stories on an amazing thing.

A plane has two engines fail and it has to crash land. Somehow Captain Chelsey B Sullenberger keeps the plane afloat and everyone gets out alive and safe.

I just hope more than a few passengers were on a shopping trip to NY and only packed empty suitcases.

Though right now, I bet they don't care a stuff about their lost belongings.

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gigi said...

Peaches is growing up so fast!
Yeah, that's all we watched yesterday afternoon was news on this plane. What a miracle! What a cool character the Pilot is, an amazing man.

Jennywenny said...

Very cool everyone was safe, but I have to admit I found myself wondering about whether everyone's luggage got all wet!!

Working mum said...

Yes, amazing story! The pilot even walked along the inside of the plane to check everyone had got out. A true hero!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Yes. Isn't that an amazing story?

Chris said...

I found myself thinking "If I just survived a plane crash, this is my luckiest day ever - I'm playing the lottery!"

Woman in a Window said...

Yup, in the face of larger stuff we finally relent with the stuff. Great story all around.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Funny, the same thing went through my mind-- here's reports coming out that everyone is ok (a miracle!) and I'm thinking, wow-- their luggage is ruined.