Saturday, January 17, 2009

My telly confession

Peaches' TV time has been gradually increasing. Since I'm sure the habits we make now, will shape our future lifestyle, I knew the time had come to rein in TV time.

As a consequence, we've had dressing up play, cutting, sticking and drawing, a walk up to the high street and finally cake making

We made a fat free swiss roll.It looks pretty doesn't it - sadly it doesn't taste that special. Damn those fat-free recipes.

I hope all this activity is going to pay off because today... da da daaaaa... we took a side off the cot and created a bed. She has slept in a bed on holiday once before, but today we've been explaining how she'll be able to go to the potty when she needs to.

The signs are good. She played on her bed for a while, then took herself off to the potty. Fingers crossed. I'll let you know how she gets on - because I overshare like that.

In other breaking news, for the first time we were asked 'nearly there?' Only she didn't ask once... She had a good go at sulking, pouting and folding her arms.

She couldn't keep it up though. Just like her mother, she decided to smile for the camera.


gigi said...

She is just so beautiful! Priceless smile!

Woman in a Window said...

If a camera could bring that out all the time I'd be duct taping one to my head. Pretty smile.

Amanda said...

We love the oversharing. That's what I'm all about, too much info.

And that Peaches sure is growing up too fast. And all that pink sure goes with that big gorgeous smile!!

Working mum said...

My, she's growing up,isn't she? Still gorgeous!

Yes, telly has become a bit of a problem here too. I think it's because of the weather and the dark (and my bronchitis) we can't go out much.

We're now onto inventing games. Daughter and I make a board and some counters, then we play the game while she makes up the rules so that she always wins!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

What a winning smile! Do keep us updated about the cot, will you? I was just considering removing a side myslef today (and then she destroyed half of the upstairs so I decided to wait a couple more weeks).
Over share away, we can take it!