Friday, January 2, 2009

Strangely lush kitchens and peachy skin for 2009

Hot on the heels of a wonderful Christmas break, Recaro and I are making inroads into our STUFF. We try not to accumulate STUFF. We have very few ornaments or knick knacks. Every now and then someone will buy us strange shot glasses, candlesticks or novelty tea towels. This year, we are reducing the courtesy time these 'objets de uselessness' spend in the house to the mere 12 days of Christmas. What ingrates we are!

We have several bags of candlesticks, 'fun' shot glasses, hardly used baby bibs and other gew-gaws to go straight to the charity shops. We are ruthless - ever since we built in wardrobes and cupboards we've been determined to get organised.

Actually, I have a confession. This year, there's not much 'we' about these jobs. Recaro has spring cleaned the kitchen, reorganised the cupboards and tidied miscellanous stuff into clean plastic tubs. He's being... a little.... well, anal about it.
Maybe he was frustrated at the state of our pre-Christmas fridge. That's FIVE pots of Greek yoghurt on the top shelf, plus Peaches' fromage frais. TWO leftover chicken carcasses, plus a third chicken ready to go at the bottom. At least we had plenty to drink, apple juice, Ribena, milk and a teeny weeny can of beer. Recaro reorganised the fridge to accommodate that beer keg. It made him so happy but may well have kick-started his inner Monica. (For more fridge-related advice be sure to call in on suburban correspondent)

Since we both live, eat and sleep in this house together, I'm not wasting anytime feeling guilty about this. Some of you might think that the kitchen is 'my' territory, but really these jobs have to fall to those who care most about them. Which is why it's me who wipes the skirting boards, did the ironing (just when is our ironing and cleaning lady returning from her holiday in Egypt??) and cleaned the bathroom. These things are invisible to Recaro.

While I have been ironing and sweeping floors, my main interest this holiday, has been in playing with Peaches, checking that she's eating enough of the good stuff and getting enough sleep. (This also explains why it was Recaro who cooked Christmas dinner and fed all our guests at a recent dinner party...)

I can't help but justify myself a little, over the past week, Peaches has spent time on the beach, on the swings, painting with her friend Rosa, decorated gingerbread men, done lots of drawing, made spaghetti pictures, clambered about the children's play gym with Oscar and this afternoon she'll have a party with her cousins - when we will eat the party cakes that I've iced with pink icing.

Last year, I ranted about the evils of the pink consipiracy, but despite my best efforts Peaches will insist that her favourite food is 'pink'. It's possible she didn't understand the question, but if you saw her with a pink fairy cake you might realise that she did.

Organising the house, garage and attic will take time. Meanwhile, I made a 1st Janary start with my resolution to do at least five minutes of yoga and sit ups before I go to bed each night. In itself, I don't anticipate this will do much to my waistline, but having completely dropped off the Strangely Lush Fitness Plan, I have to start somewhere.

At least I have this.
I'm just getting used to the gloopy vaseline feel of this stuff, but I think the early signs are encouraging. It was quite a treat to discover this in my Christmas stash this year. I just hope Recaro was so thrilled with the Dalek toothbrush holder I gave him...

As a fan of new year resolutions, I'll post my list here. Going public is a good thing for me. Also, I'm less likely to throw the list away and might actually check up on myself. In no particular order:
  1. No 'school night' drinking.
  2. At least five minutes of yoga and sit ups every night.
  3. Knit clothes for Peaches and gifts for others.
  4. Stay motivated at work - especially when working from home and continue to not work Fridays. That's MY day.
  5. Stay in touch with my far flung family, remember their birthdays and remember to post their presents on time.
  6. Clean out my handbags once a month. (Ha, I've caught myself feeling strangely guilty as if I've given you too much information about myself. Surely there's no shame in 'fessing up to the accumulation of trivia and trash? They are handbags, okay. Not a euphimism for my life.)
  7. Buy fruit and veg from a farm shop
  8. Take more care of myself. Without spending a fortune, it really is okay to have regular hair cuts, not bite my nails, wax my legs and throw out clothes that I shouldn't be wearing any more.
  9. Keep on blogging - it'll be more news (of the strangely lush kind) and views (I will be so much more opinionated in 2009).
All achievable sensible stuff. Tell me you didn't expect me to put down stunts like bungee-jumping, skinny-dipping and crowd-surfing. That's soooo last year - this year, I'm keeping it real with the mummies.


Reluctant Housewife said...

That's quite a list! And it sounds like things are already so busy at your place - organizing, cleaning, baking, playing. You go, girl! Lol... anyway, good luck with all that. I don't make resolutions, myself. I'm way too lazy. But I'll resolve to get about a quarter of what you get done done. There you go.

Happy New Year!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

8 hur cream is lush....though l'm sure its just pink vaseline..
its great on burns once theyve scabbed..or else l'm sure it would damage...but it helps to heal things...
apparently it was made by EA as salve for her horses' calves and jpoints, so l guess l could try it on ym hips and knuckles to soothe away the progressing aches and pains...

scrappysue said...

now that's some list! i resolved not to make any new year's resolutions, however i made plenty for the girls hehe. nice looking fridge too. we attacked husband's wardrobe yesterday - i had no idea such a small space held such a lot of disgusting old clothes!!! miss 19 and i then had fun going out and buying him stuff from THIS MILLENIUM!!!

Nicol said...

Good list of goals! It sounds like you had some nice holidays. I think it's better to take it easy and play!

Working mum said...

That is quite a list! I don't think I'd taken on that much at once, but good luck to you.

Sounds like you've been having fun with Peaches this Christmas, which is as it should be.

Happy New Year to the strangely lush household!

Madame Queen said...

There's just something about a new year that just screams for organization. I've been itching to get under my counters and organize my pots and pans. I wonder if there's a cream for that itch?

Koekkener said...

Its nice. Keep up the good work!!!