Monday, February 23, 2009

All about the cute stuff

I'm feeling a bit put upon with the surfeit of anti-motherhood articles in the press at the moment. It doesn't bother me that other people don't want children. I just get hacked off if they think I'm going to hide my family away. Yah boo sucks to the miserabilists.

To lift my spirits, I'm going to declare all the things I love about being a mum:
  • I love that I had a deja vue moment after Peaches was born. I remembered dreaming about her and I know she was the baby I was waiting for.
  • I love getting Peaches involved in the kitchen. She can help make tea - put the kettle on, get the cups out the cupboard, put the tea bags in the cups, wait for me to pour the water and milk, and then take the teabags out. She can mix up the bolognaise ingredients and likes mixing eggs and grating cheese for omelettes.
  • I love that Recaro, Peaches and I shared a big meal of spaghetti bolognaise and watched movies this weekend. With our work schedules we rarely eat evening meals together as a family so this was completely lush.
  • I love that Peaches is fantastic at going to bed and using her potty. I love how she looks when she's sleeping.
  • I love that she likes to 'help' at the supermarket and as long as I keep talking to her she stays close and puts things 'back' whenever I ask. I love that I don't care if anyone things I'm talking to loud or too much to her.
  • I love the way she hugs me so desparately after she's been naughty. I love that she responds to what I say, how I say it and I don't have to shout and be mean.
  • I love that she's the prettiest, smartest little two and half year old. I love that she's tall and strong. I love her button nose and blue eyes. I love her laugh.
  • I love it that Recaro tells me she can count to four even if she only ever says '1, 2, 8, 9, 10' to me.
  • I love it that she tells her grandmothers she loves them, without any coaching or prompting from me.
  • I love it that she knows the name of the town where she lives and what her full name is.
  • I love that I can enjoy being a mum and don't get bogged down by the routines.
  • I love that I get help with cleaning and ironing because otherwise I think that would get in the way of some of the best of the little moments.
  • I love that she has a confident personality. She loves being around other children, but knows what she wants to do and doesn't wait for others to invite her in to a group.
  • I love that I can take her into a restaurant and she won't run about. I love that I can send her to the waiter to ask for the bill. We don't have to hang around patiently anymore.
  • I love that Recaro and take her to the pub on weekend afternoons. She meets our friends (and even their children too). Sometimes it's quiet... sometimes there's a band. It's fun, we dance and eat chocolate raisins. I think it could be a family tradition.
  • I love that I taught her how to use a straw - all so that she can drink banana milkshake.
  • I love that I don't know how she's going to turn out in the end. She's her own person. I don't have to live through her, but I do get to live with her. It's like playing volleyball - it's up to me to set her up with the best opportunities and watch what she does with them.
I've never felt the need to write a post like that before. I imagine myself to be a grounded, sensible, a not too sensitive kind of woman. It just goes to show nast stuff can spread and make us all feel bad. I wasn't expecting to write a post about Nadya Suleman, mother of 14. But it turns out I have.

I'll say this for Nadya: I hope she's loving being a mother too.


gigi said...

I love that you love being a mother to Peaches. I have always loved being a mother and have always wished I had more than two children. I now have the most precious grand children and I love being their Gigi! IT'S THE BEST EVER!

scrappysue said...

i love how you LOVE her!!!

Woman in a Window said...

This is my favorite post of yours. I think we all need a time to count up all those things that our children give us, and even then, the list will grow!

Working mum said...

That was a lovely post. It's great to list the good stuff about being a mum. My favourite - "I love how she looks when she's sleeping" - I go into daughter's room at least three times every evening to see that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing lush. Being a mother is such a blessing.

CC said...

Awwww! Wonderful list! Great to remember!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I LOVEd this post! I love how you love your girly (I whinge a lot about mine, but she is fun). Very inspiring. I think I'll make my own list, perfect timing since we're about to go into the weekend where my patience is always tried :-)

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

love this post!! all good positive stuff...

Reluctant Housewife said...

Wonderful post. Peaches is a little darling, alright - just like her mom.

I love that my Buddy is convinced that I am the best cook in world, even though I can't cook AT ALL.

I love that Monkey will always smile back at me, even when he's in a snit.

There's definitely a ton of little pluses that go with this gig, eh? That's for the reminder.