Monday, February 2, 2009

No madness like snow madness

Whitstable was hit by an astonishing 2cm of snow over night. This meagre snow flurry has built up to 20cm or so elsewhere in Kent and London.

Not surprisingly, transport is bearing up to 'extreme weather' conditions in typically British fashion. In preparation for a few more days of snow, we have seen just one gritting lorry on the A299 yesterday, the M25 is closed, Network South East cancelled all train services and buses are not running.

In case you want more information, do not, I repeat, do not attempt to visit Network South East website. Due to adverse weather conditions they have closed their website. Those guys are smart - they weren't going to be accused of giving misleading or inaccurate information. Giving no information is much safer.

Because this is a mummy blog, no post is complete without a child update: Peaches was very happy to see all the snow. She spent the morning playing with a carrot (we spoil that kid) and talking about 'the snowman's nose'.


Vic said...

I guess we had about 10cm minimum. Unfortunately not enough to stop the Northern line running. Seeing as it's still snowing I'm hoping I don't get stuck at work today! The chaos a small snowfall brings to this country is incredible!

Anonymous said...

Bobo has spent the day trapped in London, so booooo to the snow. I decided to wear my geeky sherpa hat to walk to work because it was that blizzardy. It was like the long walk in lol.

Working mum said...

Just about to blog about the snow in Manchester - didn't affect me unfortunately!

CC said...

Darn you give that girl too much "stuff". Where I come from carrots are only for the rich and famous... ;)