Monday, February 2, 2009

Sass and Saz go shopping

A short while ago, Saz was interviewed. Then she offered to interview someone else. Well who could pass up a post opportunity like that?

A straightforward on-line interview gives me visions of tumbleweed drifting across my blog, so to liven things up, I insisted that we combine our interview with a shopping trip. Not just any old shopping trip though. We went to Bond Street because that's how we roll.

This was a surprise outing for Saz, but as you might imagine she was more than willing to do her bit to kick start the British economy with a spending spree.

Saz: Why do you blog?

Sass: Oh you've upset me now, and we've only just begun. Haven't you read my carefully crafted Write On! post - dedicated to Don Mills Diva?

Blushing, I realise she's teasing me. Of course Saz has read my every word. What other reason could there be to sign up to Google Reader? I paraphrase my reasons for blogging below;
"I blog because it gives me something I don't get from the print and broadcast media. Personal connection with other people interested in the same thing as me - parenting, work/life balance, having fun.

"In terms of my other blog about sport, it gives me a forum to talk about women's sport. The press barely cover that at all."

Saz: If you could live anywhere in the world for one month where would that be? Why?

(At this point, I lost Saz's attention. She drifted off to gaze at a pair of sandals and a handbag in Jimmy Choo's. I thought they were both ghastly, but Saz's dreamy expression made me realise how little I know about the moments when high fashion and basic essentials collide. Needless to say, she didn't listen to a word of my answer, but I provide a transcript below because I know that at least you are interested.)

Sass: A month would be a lovely, long holiday. I'd want to travel light - so it would have to be somewhere I could shop. I'd want to stay in my own place and enjoy breakfasts at different cafes, or on my own verandah or balcony. It would also have to be near the sea. I'd go back to Syracuse, Sicily. The old town is on a tiny peninsula, there's loads of greek and roman ruins, some very good shopping - lovely pizza. It's child friendly - the old town streets are so narrow there aren't many cars about. Recaro could come too and we could reminisce about our honeymoon.

Finally, Saz finishes paying for her shoes and bags. I think she must know the shop assistant. They are never that friendly to me. Maybe they can sense Saz is a leading light in Cumbrian fashion? Anyway, it's clear that she is quite at home in the world of spike heels, oversized handbags and big, dark sunglasses worn at night.

Saz: If you were invited to a birthday party and asked to give the birthday girl/guy one book you love, which would it be? Why?

Sass: What a tricky question. The next birthday coming up is my neighbour's. Pete is quite the renaissance man. Knows about cars, wine, food, travel, business. I don't think there's much he doesn't know - which is odd, because I can't imagine him reading a book. That would be far too much sitting down.

I would like to know that he had read, The Great Gatsby. It's a bit of an 'O' level set text, but I love the descriptions of one track dusty towns, horrible Tom and his blousy mistress, the whacky/unreliable Jordan. And the 'green light' of hope. He loves going to America, but keeps visiting California. Maybe this would inspire an East Coast holiday.

Ooh look, Ralph Lauren for children. That's posh.

But no Saz, we aren't going in there. This is a shopping trip for you and me. We must find more grown up places to splash the cash.

Saz: Phew. That's okay then. I really didn't want to waste today's shopping time on the little people. Tell me two interesting things about yourself that may surprise me.

Sass: How do I surprise a well-travelled, cosmopolitan, cultured woman like you, Saz? You do know this is a family friendly blog, don't you? Here goes;

  1. I once went on a date with a sheikh
  2. I was club captain of my university's women's rugby team.
Maybe it's my broken nose and my burkha but I don't think Saz seems terribly surprised by either revelation. But I tried to impress you Saz! At least I tried!

Saz: (sighing a pitying sigh) Describe to me your DREAM meal , company, setting and reasons.

Saz: Hold on a moment - I'm just nipping in here to look for an everyday, basic sort of white blouse. I need this for when I next enjoy a roast dinner with the rellies. Luckily, I'm the sort of woman who never spills her gravy...

Okay. All done. Where would I go for dinner? It would have to be the
Sportsman. They serve the tastiest food in the most convivial and relaxed surroundings. I have posted about this place but I'm not sure I've convinced everyone. I'd fix this by inviting you, Amanda, Reluctant, ScrappySue and Working Mum. On the next table, you'd find Mellipop, Madame Queen, Jeri and Don Mills Diva.

We'd have a blast. I'd make sure they had some Cloudy Bay in the house just to be sure.

Hey Saz - look. That model's wearing your trousers!

Saz sniffs. The D&G model might look good in those colourful patterned trousers, but even Saz knows she looks a damned sight better.

Saz: Enough of this interview rubbish. My stylist is waiting to meet me at Prada and has a number of interesting items lined up for my viewing pleasure at Asprey, Nicole's (Fahri) and Alexander's (McQueen). Lead on Sass and take me to where the shopping bags are capacious.

If you'd like to be interviewed, let me know and I'll fire off five questions to you.


gigi said...

Sass, I'm very impressed! A Sheikh!?! Cool.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

OH my Sass...that wasn't good that was very very GOOD, brilliant in fact. You clever thing you, inspired, great angle on the old meme theme, really refreshing and so funny!!

If you think I could wear trousers...I will leave you to that impression, but I am a big girl l'l have know!! But you were spot on with.'oversized handbags and big, dark sunglasses worn at night.' that is so ME!! LOL

I shall send some visitors over from mine to read it...

Working mum said...

Great interview - and I'd love to go to the Sportsman with you (I've read your post about it before).

Go on, fire off five questions to me and I'll see what I can do. Give me a few days to write my responses though, it is Parents' Evening season!

what happened ?how did i get HERE? said...

I'm up for the 5 questions, but I fear that I cannot reach the dizzying heights of dating a sheikh or captaining a rugby team. I was in the Poll Tax riot though....which makes me sound a bit of a lefty which of course I was, but since the advent of children, it's mail-on-line and the Telegraph all the way now! May 1997 seems like such a long time ago now..sob...!...Mx

carma said...

I'm visiting via Saz's site. Fun interview. If you are ever scrapping the bottom of the barrel in search of interviees, I'm available ;-)
my doings are probably a lot more "pedestrian" than most

imbeingheldhostage said...

This has got to be the best interview I've seen yet-- you creative shopaholic, you :-)
and a Sheikh-- now you have to tell more, you can't leave us all hanging like that!

One question, why did I get put at a different table? Was it the gravy on MY white blouse? Was I too loud again?

Anonymous said...

Combining an interview with a shopping trip, now that's class. I loved your pics, especially the 'basic' white blouse one. What fun, you're great.

Reluctant Housewife said...

I'm invited! Yay!

Great post. Loved it. We have to go shopping some time - none of my friends here like to shop. It's shocking, I know.

I would like to be interviewed. Send some questions on over :). Although this post will be a hard act to follow.