Monday, March 30, 2009

A giveaway as easy as ABC

It was a mistake. I shouldn't stay away from Blogger for so long. Now I'm not sure when or if I'll ever get around to telling you about how Peaches is learning to ride her bike. I missed my chance to tell you the minutiae of her virus and how she is now getting better.

At least you didn't get the post about how work was busy. Yadda yadda. What's new?

It is worth telling you that I went to see ABC play this week at the Royal Albert Hall with the BBC concert orchestra. I don't generally like revisiting the 80's - it gives me a disturbing feeling of tension in my chest whenever I consider all that big hair, ra ra skirts, boots with socks and fishnet tights. Eek.

Fortunately Martin Fry wasn't wearing that particular outfit - he saved the gold suit for the encore. What a round of a applause that suit got.

The music was lush, extravagant and thrilling. I was surprised at how good each track made me feel. It had been Recaro's idea to go. I had no idea I liked ABC tracks so much.

But so much for that. You want to know about the giveaway. Well the good people at Lego sent me a Polar pack of duplo lego:

Peaches loves duplo. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations - they don't rock as hard as lego.

As you can tell, I am a lego-enthusiast. I always remember wanting to have played more lego as a kid. Somehow I recollect that my brother comandeered it - and that we never had enough of it anyway. So I'm pleased that I'm getting my second chance through Peaches.

We don't keep many toys in our living room, but we do have a tub of duplo. This extra set has been a great booster set. She's been getting into more imaginative play as a result.

The chunky toddler friendly bricks are very satisfying. Nice and easy to use - as near as dammit impossible to swallow. I tried taking some photos of Peaches at play, but it turns out that it was 'her turn' to use the camera.

But look - see how happy I was with all those bricks and polar bears.
If she doesn't develop a career as a structural engineer, maybe I can hope that she's be a world-class photographer instead. A mother can dream, can't she?

I have nine of these duplo sets to giveaway. Sadly this is going to be a UK only giveaway (please stop throwing the rotten fruit. Ouch!), but there will be a consolation, secret I'm not going to tell you what is prize for one luck overseas person.

To win - tell me one of your embarrassing memories of the 80's (I believe we will all have more than one unless you were under 10 at the time) and let me know whether you'd prefer the police or the polar set.

I'll announce winners.... at the end of the month.


Working mum said...

Good to have you back and hope Peaches is better now.

Embarrassing tale of the 80s, hmmmmmm, let's see.....

.. nope! Must have completely erased the decade from my memory.

Well, with ra-ra skirts, puffball skirts, the 'wedge' haircut and pictures of Adam Ant on my wall, can you blame me?

scrappysue said...

i was an old (21) married woman in the 80s!!! we haert duplo in our house too - still face it, AND a tonne of lego too. saving it for the grandkids!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Hi there! I'm sorry Peaches had a virus. I'm glad she's better and learning to ride a bike.

UK only? Boo! haha. Oh well.


Let's see... I had a mullet for awhile. That's embarrassing. I was chubby. I once got cornered by a group of bullies and asked, "Why are you so FAT?" that was embarrassing - at the time it was devastating. I went out with a boy for 5 minutes in grade 8. I wrote his name and mine in a heart inside my jean jacket. We never even held hands.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Hmmmm, besides all of the women's-monthly- curse mishaps that occurred at the most inopportune times, what embarrassing stories do I have to further embarrass myself to the world?

I'll have to come back for this-- really, I'm drawing a complete blank (I'd like to say I was barely alive, how could I have stories...)

Glad Peaches is on the mend!

Nicol said...

I would love to win this, but considering that I don't live in the UK....perhaps I'll get the "other" prize.

80's...hmm I spent 9 years of my life in the 80's. I can't think of anything embaressing....that all came in the 90's. he he I do look back now and think how in the world could my mother let me out of the house looking like that. Of course that was the style then.

Joby said...

My embarassing 80's outfits

A bright yellow jumpsuit, teamed with a garish wide white plastic belt, white stilettos, white beads and plastic button earrings, topped off by a Barbara Dixon style perm and a lace bow.
Thing is I looked in a mirror and saw beauty personnified but my children now crack up at the photo.
jochrisbryan @

Great blog

Joby said...

Hi what date does this get announced please?