Friday, August 14, 2009

I still love you, you know that don't you?

I didn't write. I didn't phone. However, I have been fulfilling my promise to Peaches of playdates and partying.

The gang of potential playdates is growing - she went on three last weekend alone, including a birthday party. One of these was with the child of an old friend of mine. She was coming out of hibernation after throwing herself into family life.

I don't know what your experience is, but I find it's hard to keep every aspect of life moving forward. Recently it's been important for me to show a more committed effort at work and with my family. That meant blogging had to take a back seat. I like to imagine that my endeavours have been noted and that I can put some time back into blogging. Which is a relief, because where else am I going to vent that:
  • it's ridiculous that sharia law should attempt to prevent women from wearing trousers
  • the NHS is a lifesaver and gives a free healthcare at the point of delivery to everyone
  • Amy Winehouse still needs to sort her hair (and head) out
  • women's sport is still underreported in the news and I'm disappointed that boxing is still an Olympic sport even if it now includes women (didn't see that one coming)
We've also been on holiday to Greece for two weeks. What bliss. Sunshine, windsurfing, excellent childcare arrangements and lots of laughter. Fancy seeing some pictures?

We invested in a Trunki - this ride along suitcase kept Peaches entertained all the way to the gate.
Here's the hotel - d'ya think Recaro will thank me for this photo? Don't be fooled by the cocktail umbrella in that drink. Peaches was on apple juice.

Peaches really took to swimming. She had a couple of five year old boyfriends who encouraged her to jump in and swim (with arm bands). On our return home, her favourite bedtime book is a text book about teaching children to swim - she loves it for the photos of course. I don't imagine she's too interested in technique.

There were a couple of fancy dress parties at the hotel. First up: Upsy Daisy.

Who soon reappeared as a mini-Princess Leia. I knitted that wig. Cool, huh?

We also took Peaches to a rocking party at the hotel next door. She grooved and headbanged for an hour even though we thought she was good and ready for sleeping.

In the evenings, we ate in the town. With restaurants around a square with a fountain in the middle, it was just about possible to eat and keep an eye on her while she ran around making friends.
In short, it's the sort of holiday that floats my boat.


scrappysue said...

you're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! what amazing photos - it looks totally divine! greece is one place i REALLY want to visit, well, that and dropping in on reluctant!!!

cya in 54 sleeps!!!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Lovely pictures! I need a vacation in the worst way... seeing pictures of other people's will have to do for now, though.

Ha! Sue mentioned me again. Whee!

So nice to get an update!

Working Mum said...

FAB FAB FAB!! You're back! I've missed your tales of Peaches and photos of London and all the other stuff. I know real life is a priority at times, but sooooo glad you're back at your blog.

Loved all those photos. Izzy would die for that Princess Leia wig (husband subjects her to the Star Wars DVDs). And what a fantastic shot of Peaches in the pool. Oh, so much to catch up on!

gigi said...

Beautiful pictures of your vacation.
Good to see you on the blog again. Your baby is growing to fast!
Happy weekend.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I wondered what happened about you..I even made a post about my missing blog pals....

ahh greece.....fab

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh, I get it now-- we have to fly somewhere to see sun. Why didn't anyone tell me that three years ago? ;-)

I think it's great that your blogging break means you're getting in more quality time. That's waht summer (and toddlers) are for.

MadameQueen said...

That Leia wig? IS. THE. AWESOME. You could make a fortune making and selling those things!!

I hear you on the bloggy break. That's kind of why I took a break for a while too.