Monday, August 17, 2009

Whatever happened to the Lego?

You might remember that I recently attempted a Lego giveaway. Well I lost track of time and then tried to get back in touch with the Lego PR man.

Ho hum. Basically he didn't return my emails and I had no Lego to giveaway.

As with all disappointing experiences, I've thought about what I might have done differently. I could have had him deliver all the Lego direct to me so that I could post it out in my own good time. Bearing in mind that I would have liked this to be an international giveaway it could have turned costly...

Then I read this post, which is helping me to crystallise my views on the giveaway/PR debate.

I think I'll be keeping this blog clear of sponsored reviews. Any future giveaways will be of my own devising.

I'm sorry to disappoint any hopeful Lego owners - but look on the bright side, this will be a blog with integrity.


Anonymous said...

The lego was given out successfully on many blogs, I know of a few people who received and reviewed,I feel this was not the error of the Lego Pr DBMBlogs who are very committed to the clients they represent. You didnt blog for ages and let down your followers
I know this wont get into print unless the integrity is really there

Reluctant Housewife said...

Hey anonymous - either share your name or keep it to yourself. Coward.

You did not let your followers down! I'm glad you took the time to have such a great summer with peaches. Anonymous can shove it.

I held a sponsored giveaway recently. Felt ever so slightly icky about it... On the other hand, I was happy to be able to give a free toy to a reader at no personal expense. I'm kind of on the fence about the whole thing.

That being said, I do have a line I would never cross. I would never accept money to review a product I wasn't allowed to review negatively if that's how I felt about it. I also don't really care to have ads on my blogs (I used to but I took them down, they cluttered up the place)but I don't mind when other people have ads on their blogs.

I think if people are able to actually make money blogging then more power to them!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Hi! Me again...

This is bugging me. I just want to add one more thought:

What is someone who leaves nasty anonymous comments doing questioning anyone's integrity, anyway? Yeesh.

Nervy anonymous (insert rude word here), isn't (s)he?

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!! I will never do a sponsored review on my blog. It makes me feel sick when a good blogger turns into a swag monger.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Hey, you managed to find a troll! Congrats, was this your first? I love that someone would finger point at you about integrity but leave out their own name.
And anon-- first, don't bother lashing out at me, I'll delete you like I have all your nasty little cousins. Second, Lego-loving blogger basher, you had NO IDEA why this wonderful blogger went silent-- you had no idea whether she was suffering a family crisis or something else but you attacked her. You are the lowest in my book.
Sorry, S to go all Rambo in your comments section, but you didn't let me down (even contacted me by email about what was happening) and it burns me that this nobody came in here like that.

Working Mum said...

So lego has received some negative publicity this time. Wonder what happened? Even if you hadn't blogged for a bit, they should have honoured their part of the deal and provided the lego that you DID publish a giveaway about.

Good for you publishing the Anonymous comment - we can all have a good rant about that too! Anonymous - your comment has no credibility without your name!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back lush and well done you for acting with integrity.