Thursday, September 10, 2009

Local heroes

I'm getting excited. Sue is coming to visit. She's even bringing her husband. It's going to be great - please excuse the product placement, but Recaro and Mr Scrappy both have iPhones. I have a feeling they will both get along fine.

I gave Sue a call this morning and even spoke to Miss 13 who apparently groaned and thought I was a double glazing saleswoman.

It was a wonderfully exciting thing to speak to a friendly blogger after so much interweb chat. In fact, when I was considering where to go for coffee in the Bay, I nearly called this woman. But I chickened out. More fool me - next time I won't be so shy.

We'll be going out to dinner at The Sportsman. Last week Steve Harris was named 'best chef' by the Good Food Guide. Nothing but the best for Sue, that's what I say.

While we are on the subject of neighbourhood celebrities, I'm also hoping that Sue will catch sight of my window cleaner. This year, he won the title of UK's strongest man. Though she's more likely to see Suggs - he always seems to be out in the same restaurant as us.

On the other hand, maybe that's not quite her thing.
I also had my photo taken last week with Paul Young at the Moare Music Festival. Tell me if you care to see the pic - be warned though, it's cheesy.


Reluctant Housewife said...

Give each other a big hug and hello from me.

Working Mum said...

And say hello from me, too.

scrappysue said...

are we the local heroes, or you!?! maybe both!!! who is suggs?

yay - it was so cool to talk to you last night! that was miss 11 that answered the phone, and miss 13 that interrupted us near the end. everyone knows that what a child wants to tell you while you're on the phone is way more important than anything you're talking about!

getting very excited - weeeee!

does FF&F live nearby?

scrappysue said...

oh, and here's that link i mentioned

imbeingheldhostage said...

Heck yeah we want to see the cheesy photos!! Come on....
Remember I'm only... uh, three hours(ish) away!!