Monday, October 19, 2009

Rule No 2: Stay open to new ideas

On Sunday morning, we took Sue and Mr Scrappy for a walk along The Street. The Street is a shingle spit going out from Whitstable in to the Thames Estuary/North Sea.

It's also where Recaro proposed to me. I remember being very nervous. Well, you would be too if you were handed a diamond ring on a shingle beach with the tide coming in. I didn't want to lose that bad boy. (I mean the ring. Not the man - though I didn't want to lose him either. Enough! You know what I mean.)

It's a great spot for Sue to remind me how much fun you can have when you try something new.
THIS much fun.

Gah - it looks cold, doesn't it?

In fact, Sue taught Recaro a thing or two during her visit. I can almost hear her now helping Recaro navigate the blogosphere. Sue and Mr Scrappy's train was about to leave Whitstable in 15 minutes time, not that you can tell from how chilled Sue is. Maybe she wanted to stay?

Need I tell you that he doesn't concentrate that hard when I'm talking.

(By the way, I'm sitting on that very stool right now as I type this post. I've just finished a cottage cheese sandwich from Tea & Times.)

Sue also mentioned to Recaro that she has an Easy Yo yoghurt maker. She even went so far as to recommend buying an Easy Yo yoghurt maker.

Did he listen?

What do you think?

You mean you want evidence?


He would NOT accept any alternative yoghurt maker. Only Easy Yo would do.

(Believe it or not, this is not a sponsored post. Dammit.)

We've since made the raspberry yoghurt and found it very tasty. Peaches wanted more, which I regard as a huge success since she's previously always turned her (pretty, little) nose up at anything that isn't fromage frais.

So. We are now an Easy Yo family. If that's not strangely lush, I don't know what is.


scrappysue said...

i just LOVE the label to this post. ALL posts should read 'sue speaks and [insert person's name here, preferably a child of hers] listens!

i have to tell you tho sass, that easi is spelt thus - somehow your spelling makes the youghurt sound very 'resourceful'...

Sass E-mum said...

I guess that's the difference between a sponsored post and an unsponsored post...

I'll leave the blemishes on my post. Remember rule no 1 - keep it real.

scrappysue said...

i'm luvin' the keeping it real posts. i'm working on part 2 btw!!!

scrappysue said...

hey! i've just realised why i thought the sportsman was called 'the sportseacaster (is that what i thought it was?)