Monday, September 20, 2010

Sway, what a swell party

The party cake tower was very well received by the small girls. All of Recaro's fairy cakes were eaten. My pink iced shop bought cakes weren't quite as popular, but I'm sure things would have turned out differently if only I'd been able to use the flower decorations that I wanted...

And as for the party dress? It swished, it swayed, it rocked.
Admit it, you want one just like it.

Recaro bought it for her. Thank heavens for Recaro. He has far better cup cake and fashion styling skills than I do. At least I know how to give out party bags.

"Who would like a party bag to take home?" I asked at 4pm. All the little hands shot up in the air. Result.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Party planning

Peaches is having a birthday party this Saturday. For a while, this filled me with dread. There seemed to be so much to do for two hours of shrieking girl-fest. Then reality dawned....
  • Sainsbury's are delivering our shopping.
  • I've ordered presents and decorations on line.
  • I have bought ready made icing to go on ready made fairy cakes. Yeah. Bite me.
  • A friend is making a gorgeous chocolate fudge cake.
  • Recaro has ordered helium for balloons.
  • Recaro has ordered wine for the parents.
  • Recaro has bought a new swishy party dress for Peaches.
All I'm going to actually cook is a few sausages and sausage rolls. I must remember to prepare party bags and the parcel and prizes for Pass the Parcel and Musical Bumps.

Some people might consider this to be the slack parenting approach to partying. On the other hand, it cuts the prep time and the children are far more likely to eat.

I'm bound to forget something. I can live with that.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking the Milwaukee biscuit

One of the worst thing about the internet is how it aids and abets us in coveting things and buying stuff. Sadly, this knowledge isn't going to stop me supporting the consumerist nature of the interwebs. I give you, drum roll, the extremes of Recaro's shopping habit.

First off, Recaro researches the products, reads the review and purchases a Milwaukee hammer drill on-line. How manly. He waits anxiously for its arrival. It doesn't show.

Meanwhile our Vitsoe shelving is delivered.

So he puts the shelves up anyway using his Dad's old hammer drill. (Remind me again, why did he have to buy a new hammer drill?). His Dad's drill has the shortest cable in the world and I have to spend an afternoon holding an extension lead in the air.

This impatience to get on with things is common (if random) in our house. He bought the drill in order to do the job properly, but then went ahead anyway with an old drill... and did the job properly.

Only four months after moving in, we finally unpack our books even if only to repack a few other boxes with books for the charity shops and eBay. Also, how do you like our wires across the carpet look? (That carpet is going by the way).

On the same day the drill arrives (which it turns out was made in Germany and not, as one might imagine, in Milwaukee), Recaro comes home even more excited with his latest purchase from Marks & Spencer.

What's not to like about a biscuit tin that looks like a biscuit? Indeed, what's not to love about the man who bought it?

Hands up who hasn't got a clue what I mean about the importance of the custard cream to British snack culture?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My mother told me, there'd be days like this

Well, she didn't really. But I was listening to Van the Man and can't get the tune out of my head.

I have had a strangely lush summer.

We moved house and now live in the woods outside Whitstable. We can hear a neighbour's cockerel crowing throughout the day and see squirrels and all kinds of finches, treehoppers, nuthatches and tits in the garden. It's a lovely quiet spot where the noise is only broken by Peaches as she shouts for help when climbing trees. The neighbours are delighted with us... though perhaps it's just as well we don't have many neighbours.

We cancelled our holiday to Scotland but we did make it to Greece.

We have made a start on decorating. I shall unveil the delights of our 1980's house in future posts. Let me tease you with a few short scary ideas though. Exposed brick. Circular staircase. Dark brown varnished woodwork (lots of). Some things will stay and some will go.

Peaches got chicken pox. She's over it now. Aside from one especially scratchy night she got through it ok. Now I'm teaching her the wisdom of not touching her face so that the scabs can heal. The highlight for Peaches was watching back to back Nanny McPhee, Alice (Johnny Depp) and chipmunk movies while I worked from home. Our study is a gallery overlooking the living room - very handy for each one of us being is sight of the other, but not so close that I can't earn a living (and ignore chipmunks).

I made my first sale on ebay by selling our old wood burner. I achieved my target price and am now going to try and flog some unwanted books too. So if anyone fancies a fancy four-volume, gilt-covered, set of Maupassant stories, please go and visit eBay now.

We also had a great time at Hutstock - a teeny tiny beach hut music festival. The brief vid shows the scene and clearly illustrates how my excellent parenting skills are paying off.

And if you aren't impressed enough by that (and I don't mean my neighbour's butt in the closing shot), here's Recaro's best endeavour at getting Peaches involved in the DIY of putting out bird boxes:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New house: my feet have never felt better

We are in the new house. Today - five days later - we finally got the telephone and broadband connection sorted out, so I can blog about it.

In short - it's brilliant. The house has stacks of space. There are three rooms that are currently empty - guest beds are on order for two of them. The garage is organised and Recaro is delighted with his workshop. The washing machine is plumbed in. The garden is lovely. The sun is SHINING.

We've taken a week off work to get a few things organised - like order a new wood burner, book a chimney sweep and visit kitchen and bathroom showrooms.

And my feet? Well as part of Peaches' sleepover with her 'aunt and uncle', she observed the chiropodist in action on her uncle's gnarly feet. Since then, she's been giving me foot massages. She's pretty good - mixing up big firm strokes with pulling at each toe. I nearly fell asleep until I remembered I was supposed to be putting HER to bed.

I'm blissed out. Which is why I've not got the chickens yet.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Action stations

We have a new MacBookPro. What a relief. I'd been relying on an older, slower Mac and my eyeballs were about to fall out from the tedious sight of the spinning beachball of despair...

About our move - we are just a week away from the big day. There's a few more boxes to fill, but we'll be ready to go. More than ready in fact. I'm dreaming of a driveway... guest rooms... utility room... a shed.

In fact, I'm even thinking of getting chickens. There's going to be a few blogs out of that, surely.

I just hope the removal guys can get the furniture out of the house. I wonder if they'll go nuts at me taking photos of our sofas and oven in unusual places?

Friday, April 9, 2010

You macaroni cheese boy

Here's some more knitting. Isn't that lovely? All my own work.

Peaches looks very sweet, but she can snap. In her frustration she comes up with fantastic insults and swear words.

On various occasions, she's told Recaro that she's 'not his kicking football!' and that 'ugh... you macaroni cheese boy!'

Last night she told him, 'I'm NOT your raspberry'.

When I told her that she couldn't paint her nails, she told me the following story:

'I don't want a mummy. I just want my daddy.

'When I was a little girl - in Africa - my mummy DIED. I just had my daddy. His name is Scrotley. He has big muscles and he paints HIS nails with BOY VARNISH.'

I have no idea what I should learn from this, but at least she's not reading my mind and picking up all the bad words that run around my head when I'm the one feeling frustrated.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moving story starts here

It's so long since I've written here, that I barely remember my way back into blogland. Life has been moving fast (even if house moving is sloooww) but at last I've started to think 'I should blog that' again.

Like when Peaches told me about dialling 999 and asking for the hairdresser. I'm sure some people have their stylists on speed dial but I don't. Maybe that's what she was trying to tell me.

While we are on the subject of hair, I should confess that I have been reading a few blogs. Which led to me cutting a fringe into my hair like a particular West Coast blogger. No photos, that's all I'm saying. I've put the scissors away now. It's safer that way.

Somehow I've managed to cut my fringe (that's bangs to some of you) in a way that emphasises how much hair I have on the rest of my head. I look like an out of control Farrah Fawcett according to Recaro.

To bring anyone who's interested up to speed with the house move, the provisional date is 14 May. We've not exchanged contracts yet though we think things are moving forward well enough. (Though our vendor's solicitors have lost the deeds. And breathe. Relax. That's what the Land Registry is for.)

Since Recaro and I are both control freaks (seemingly relaxed but actually with a checklist a mile long) we are packing ourselves. We are beginning to surround ourselves with boxes. I'm already regretting this strategy. I should listen to Working Mum who told me to let the removal company do it. The thing is - I can't bear the thought of leaving it until the last week. I'd be terrified that we'd get to the moving date and the removal company cancelling on us.

Bring me another box now! Must pack more stuff.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Getting the hang of it...

... comment moderation that is. Thank you for your comments. It seems that in my redesign, I'd lost the email connection to any comments.

I thought I had none.

I thought all my pals had disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Fortunately I eventually crept back in to see what was going on. Thank you for being so much more reliable and 'there' than me.

So I'm back. And this time with news. The house by the sea went on the market a couple of weeks ago and today we have accepted a full asking price offer. We've also had our offer on a five bedroomed place in the countryside accepted.

What we give up in terms of the beach, we'll make up for with space, rooms and a bit more space. Plus it'll still be quiet - no street lights so we'll even see stars at night. Apparently we'll hear nightingales in the woods.

If anyone would like to chip in with their tips for packing and moving, please fire away. Right now, we have plans to pack a few boxes every weekend so that when we move in May/June it won't be too much of a big deal.

Peaches is up to speed with the move. She repeats facts like, 'We've put our house on the market', but will also tell my mother in law that 'We are moving and we are never going to see you again.'

I promise that I have NEVER so much as hinted at that thought. Babes, huh? They get you in trouble all the time.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Notice anything different?

Life has been busy lately. The old look of my blog didn't reflect how I was feeling anymore, so I've stripped it down to the basics, while I set about re-discovering my blogging mojo.

I'll blog about what I'm doing and will be focusing on the stuff that makes me happy and proud. Simple things. Like taking Peaches to the bakery, buying a loaf of bread and not buying her doughnut. The challenge of healthy eating is not as easy as I thought it might be...

And I won't be blogging regularly. I'm doing too much working, mothering, knitting and trying to find time to drink a cup of tea for that to happen. Did I mention the knitting? I love that stuff. There's something OCD about the repetitive stitches and the desire for even tension that tells me other things in life (like work) must be out of balance.

After a spate of random anonymous comments, I've put up email verification to keep the nutters and spammers at bay. Sorry about that, but I bet you can understand why. I shouldn't think it will help me attract readers - but this blog was never about being commercial.