Friday, January 22, 2010

Notice anything different?

Life has been busy lately. The old look of my blog didn't reflect how I was feeling anymore, so I've stripped it down to the basics, while I set about re-discovering my blogging mojo.

I'll blog about what I'm doing and will be focusing on the stuff that makes me happy and proud. Simple things. Like taking Peaches to the bakery, buying a loaf of bread and not buying her doughnut. The challenge of healthy eating is not as easy as I thought it might be...

And I won't be blogging regularly. I'm doing too much working, mothering, knitting and trying to find time to drink a cup of tea for that to happen. Did I mention the knitting? I love that stuff. There's something OCD about the repetitive stitches and the desire for even tension that tells me other things in life (like work) must be out of balance.

After a spate of random anonymous comments, I've put up email verification to keep the nutters and spammers at bay. Sorry about that, but I bet you can understand why. I shouldn't think it will help me attract readers - but this blog was never about being commercial.