Sunday, September 5, 2010

My mother told me, there'd be days like this

Well, she didn't really. But I was listening to Van the Man and can't get the tune out of my head.

I have had a strangely lush summer.

We moved house and now live in the woods outside Whitstable. We can hear a neighbour's cockerel crowing throughout the day and see squirrels and all kinds of finches, treehoppers, nuthatches and tits in the garden. It's a lovely quiet spot where the noise is only broken by Peaches as she shouts for help when climbing trees. The neighbours are delighted with us... though perhaps it's just as well we don't have many neighbours.

We cancelled our holiday to Scotland but we did make it to Greece.

We have made a start on decorating. I shall unveil the delights of our 1980's house in future posts. Let me tease you with a few short scary ideas though. Exposed brick. Circular staircase. Dark brown varnished woodwork (lots of). Some things will stay and some will go.

Peaches got chicken pox. She's over it now. Aside from one especially scratchy night she got through it ok. Now I'm teaching her the wisdom of not touching her face so that the scabs can heal. The highlight for Peaches was watching back to back Nanny McPhee, Alice (Johnny Depp) and chipmunk movies while I worked from home. Our study is a gallery overlooking the living room - very handy for each one of us being is sight of the other, but not so close that I can't earn a living (and ignore chipmunks).

I made my first sale on ebay by selling our old wood burner. I achieved my target price and am now going to try and flog some unwanted books too. So if anyone fancies a fancy four-volume, gilt-covered, set of Maupassant stories, please go and visit eBay now.

We also had a great time at Hutstock - a teeny tiny beach hut music festival. The brief vid shows the scene and clearly illustrates how my excellent parenting skills are paying off.

And if you aren't impressed enough by that (and I don't mean my neighbour's butt in the closing shot), here's Recaro's best endeavour at getting Peaches involved in the DIY of putting out bird boxes:


scrappysue said...

i think i recognise those beach huts!

i wanna go to greece! (maybe in 2012) - seeing as i'm going in totally the opposite direction next year!

Working Mum said...

Welcome back! I'd love to see the 80s horrendousness - I've just posted before and after pictures of my house renovation, it'll be great to see someone else doing it. (Bet you don't have a scary axminster!)