Thursday, September 16, 2010

Party planning

Peaches is having a birthday party this Saturday. For a while, this filled me with dread. There seemed to be so much to do for two hours of shrieking girl-fest. Then reality dawned....
  • Sainsbury's are delivering our shopping.
  • I've ordered presents and decorations on line.
  • I have bought ready made icing to go on ready made fairy cakes. Yeah. Bite me.
  • A friend is making a gorgeous chocolate fudge cake.
  • Recaro has ordered helium for balloons.
  • Recaro has ordered wine for the parents.
  • Recaro has bought a new swishy party dress for Peaches.
All I'm going to actually cook is a few sausages and sausage rolls. I must remember to prepare party bags and the parcel and prizes for Pass the Parcel and Musical Bumps.

Some people might consider this to be the slack parenting approach to partying. On the other hand, it cuts the prep time and the children are far more likely to eat.

I'm bound to forget something. I can live with that.


scrappysue said...

ALWAYS work on the KISS principle. always. pressies, couple of games, food, cake, seeyalater. done. take it from someone who's done 60 of them

Sass E-mum said...

Man! I likes that plan.

I am much looking forward to the 'seeyalater' part!

gigi said...

Good luck and remember to have fun and take pictures :)

Nicol said...

I think it's a perfect plan!

What is pass the parcel and musical bumps? I can tell that they're games, but not ones I've ever heard of.

Sass said...

What a brilliant question Nicol. I'll enjoy answering this one.

Pass the Parcel means to wrap up a present lots of times - with other little presents in each or some layers. Children pass the parcel around in a circle till the music stops. The surprise lies in who gets to unwrap each layer and in being the lucky person to get the big prize in the middle.

Musical bumps is dancing, and whenever the music stops, falling to the floor as quick as possible. The last person standing each time is 'out'. Final person in wins a prize... or just feels the joy of winner.

the latter is easily adapted to musical statues, musical chairs... you get the picture. Bumps is easier for little ones.

Melanie said...

Is sounds like a great party to me. Max is having a birthday party next weekend. He and Peaches must have their birthdays quite close together!

I didn`t order anything except a party at an indoor playground that offers children`s parties. They provide the entertainment, food and cake. I provide the venue, the gift bags and... that`s it. Heaven forbid I ever invite people to my house!

So, in comparison to me you look like mother of the year :)

Working Mum said...

Sounds like perfect party planning to me. (And that's from someone who's opted for parties at venues where I only have to provide cake and party bags!! And I don't care if I'm a slack parent, I've saved my house and my sanity)

Hope Peaches had a truly fantastic time being the centre of attention!! (And that's really the point, isn't it?)