Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking the Milwaukee biscuit

One of the worst thing about the internet is how it aids and abets us in coveting things and buying stuff. Sadly, this knowledge isn't going to stop me supporting the consumerist nature of the interwebs. I give you, drum roll, the extremes of Recaro's shopping habit.

First off, Recaro researches the products, reads the review and purchases a Milwaukee hammer drill on-line. How manly. He waits anxiously for its arrival. It doesn't show.

Meanwhile our Vitsoe shelving is delivered.

So he puts the shelves up anyway using his Dad's old hammer drill. (Remind me again, why did he have to buy a new hammer drill?). His Dad's drill has the shortest cable in the world and I have to spend an afternoon holding an extension lead in the air.

This impatience to get on with things is common (if random) in our house. He bought the drill in order to do the job properly, but then went ahead anyway with an old drill... and did the job properly.

Only four months after moving in, we finally unpack our books even if only to repack a few other boxes with books for the charity shops and eBay. Also, how do you like our wires across the carpet look? (That carpet is going by the way).

On the same day the drill arrives (which it turns out was made in Germany and not, as one might imagine, in Milwaukee), Recaro comes home even more excited with his latest purchase from Marks & Spencer.

What's not to like about a biscuit tin that looks like a biscuit? Indeed, what's not to love about the man who bought it?

Hands up who hasn't got a clue what I mean about the importance of the custard cream to British snack culture?


scrappysue said...

don't ever change that blue carpet! (just kidding, but it's not as bad as the vomit blue wallaper - which you Must share with your readers!)

great to chat with you just now - love the new house :)

...so what's the drill going to be used for then, now that the shelves are already up!!!

gigi said...

Continued good luck with all the new fun stuff especially the cookies, yum :)

Melanie said...

I've heard of custard creams! (do I get a gold star?)

I love the brick. I hope you don't hate the brick and you're rolling your eyes right now at my bad taste!

Nicol said...

Men and their tools! My sweet husband has had more drills than what he knows what to do with. But if it makes him happy and gets the job done (without me doing it) than I say go for it!

Working Mum said...

Yes, I want that biscuit tin now!

Just Plain Tired said...

There's just something a guy can't resist doing when a project/job comes along and that's a new tool. Even though it wasn't used on this project I'm assuming he drew some measure of satisfaction in owning a new drill. (Assuming it eventually was delivered.)

SaraLynn said...