Tuesday, April 5, 2011

18 weeks

This second pregnancy is different to my first.

Despite the fact that I'm older and get tired a lot quicker, I'm making far less of a fuss and despite those age-associated risks (I'm 40 - not completely ancient), I'm not as worried about the baby's progress as I was with Peaches.

I'm only checking for on-line pregnancy facts or the latest deals on reusable nappies on a fortnightly basis instead of daily. And boy, am I looking for deals this time. I was far less frugal when I was working five days a week and we were living in those heady pre-subprime fiasco days.

And the big difference - the one that's most exciting to me? After several quiet months, this baby has started kicking. I can see and feel the movement. Peaches hardly ever kicked - she was a breech baby so I wasn't inclined to tell too many people about the 'zingers' as she danced on my cervix.

And as for the tummy photo - yadda yadda, the bump is getting bigger and you don't need a photo to know that. Enough already.