Thursday, September 1, 2011

Due date (and the importance of not using unnecessary exclamation marks)

Today's the day. Or not. Babies don't always arrive on schedule apparently. Except for Peaches. I think she's lulled me into expecting the same this time around. Recaro meanwhile is expecting me to hold on for another week.

This would be fine, but the baby has started to feel like a tough, gnarly rock when I wake at 4 in the morning.

Ah well - at least I'm looking good. (If you were expecting modesty, keep moving along, there's nothing to see here.) Here's a photo of me at a wedding last weekend. With Peaches in front of me, I don't think you can tell I'm in my 39th week.

I have some more posts lined up. Some about sewing - baby shoes, nappy knickers, swaddle wraps, burp cloths, hats, baby trousers and girly swirly skirts! Knitting - baby blankets and warm winter hats (I like to keep ahead of the seasons, don't you know?). Others about losing first teeth, hanging out at the beach - and hopefully, fingers crossed, touch wood, pray to God - a healthy happy baby.